Download MTK Droid Tool [Latest Version Available]

Are you into rooting and gaining admin access on your phone? And you are having a MediaTek smartphone and want to flash custom ROM, patches, modified applications on your device then you are at the right place, as in this post, we will give you the links to download the latest MTK Droid tool. It is a great tool if you wish to perform various tasks on your MediaTek phone like rooting, creating scatter files for your device, taking backup of your stock firmware, etc. Moreover, this tool supports all Windows versions.

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With the help of this tool, you can perform various activities on your MediaTek-powered phones. And if this has got you intrigued then, we would advise you to follow this guide completely. So that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:

Download MTK Droid Tool

What is MTK Droid Tool?

MTK Droid Tool

MTK Droid Tool also known as Mediatek Droid Tool is a great all-in-one tool developed for Android Devices having Mediatek Chip or Processor inside. This all-in-one tool has been around for a while now. And is still considered to be one of the best and must-have tools for every Android MTK Smartphone owner. Let us now take a look at some of the features of MTK Droid Tools.


There is a lot more than you can do with your MediaTek phones with the help of the MTK Droid Tool. You can root your device, create scatter files, take backups of Stock Recovery as well as firmware, write IMEI, and much more. This tool is compatible with all the Android versions above Android 6.0. Moreover, this tool is pretty easy to use and provides a simple user interface that performs all the tasks as mentioned. As already mentioned this tool only works with MediaTek-powered phones. Besides, you can also repair the bricked devices as well.

Features of the MTK Droid Tool:

The MTK Droid Tool offers a lot of features like:

Root Android Devices

Users can root their MTK based Android Smartphone in just one click using this MTK Droid Tool. All you need to do is enable the USB Debugging on your Android device by going to the Settings >> About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times here. Now, connect your Android Device to your PC and start MTK Droid Tool. Click on the Root button on the MTK Droid Tool to start the Rooting.


Backup Recovery

You can backup or restore your recovery using this MTK Droid Tool. In order to do this, connect your MTK based Android Device to your PC via USB Cable. Click on the Recovery tab and click on Backup. Pretty easy, No?

Backup Firmware


Users can also back up their device’s firmware and can restore it. This feature can come in handy and can be a lifesaver just in case something gets wrong. The User Interface of the tool is pretty straightforward. You can easily get used to it in the first attempt itself.

Create Scatter Files

Just in case you don’t already know, a scatter file is a set of blocks that helps in flashing the device’s stock Firmware. Many tools like the SP Flash Tools require a scatter file to flash the stock firmware on an MTK based Android Device. You can easily create a scatter file for your device using this tool.

Backup or Write IMEI

This tool can also be used to backup your Device’s IMEI. There are times when things do not go well after rooting your Android Device and can result in NULL IMEI which can be a big issue. This tool can back up your IMEI so that you can restore it easily if things do not go well.

Download MTK Droid Tool [Latest Version Available]


You can download the latest version of MTK Droid Tools on your Windows PC by clicking on the download link below.

Use Password: MTK

Download MTK Droid Tools Download Links
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.2.9 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.3.4 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.4.0 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.4.8 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.5.0 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.5.1 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.5.2 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.5.3 Download
MTK Droid Tool Version 2.5.3b – New Download

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the MTK Droid Tools from above just run it and follow the instructions thereof.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Download MTK Droid Tool [Latest Version Available]. We hope that you found this post helpful. Let us know what do you think about the latest version of the MTK Droid Tool in the comments section down below.


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