Download Phoneboard v1.9.0 to Know Complete Info of Device Board

In this guide, we introduce an exceptional software that allows you to access comprehensive information about your device’s phone board. Known as Phoneboard v1.9.0, this tool has been expertly developed by the PhoneBoard GSM team. Exclusively designed for Windows platforms, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. We have provided the latest version of Phoneboard v1.9.0 for download in the section below, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date features and capabilities this software has to offer.

What is Phoneboard Tool?

Phoneboard Tool is a specialized software utility designed to help users obtain detailed information about their device’s phone board, such as schematics and board view files. Developed by the PhoneBoard GSM team, this powerful tool is particularly useful for technicians and repair professionals who require in-depth knowledge of a device’s internal components and circuitry for diagnosing and repairing hardware issues.

Phoneboard 1.9.0: Supported Devices

This tool is supportive of both Android and iOS-based smartphones. To be more precise, it supports around 2 models of Vivo, 6 models of Oppo, and 14 models of Xiaomi. Other brands like Samsung also support the Phoneboard v1.9.0 tool for around 14 devices. Even Apple’s iPhone and iPad phoneboard info can be obtained using Phoneboard v1.9.0. There are 24 Apple devices that are compatible with the Phoneboard tool.

Download Phoneboard v1.9.0 Tool

Here is the download link for the tool.

Phoneboard Tool v1.9.0: Download

Phoneboard Tool v1.7.0: Download

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How to Use Phoneboard v1.9.0

Installing this tool is very easy. Your system should have around 55 MB of space on the hard drive to efficiently install and run this tool.


Just for the purpose of the demonstration, we tried running the tool for knowing the phone board info of Xiaomi Mi A1. Here is how the phoneboard for Mi A1 looks like.

Phoneboard v1.4.0

Step-1 Download the Phoneboard v1.4.0 and unzip it to get the setup folder

Step-2 You will see an executable file Phoneboard v1.4.0.exe. Double click to open it.

Step-3 Then follow the instructions to install it on your PC/Laptop

Step-4 Open the Phoneboard tool.

Step-5 On the left panel click on Phone or tablet to check for the respective device.

Step-6 You will see a list of devices that are supported by the tool.

Step-7 Click on the device name, and the phoneboard info will show up.

That’s it. It was simple..! wasn’t it..?! So, if you want to check phoneboard info for your device then try out the Phoneboard Tool v1.4.0.


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