Downloading On Nintendo Switch is too slow: How to Fix?

Slow downloading speed or low internet connectivity is one of the most common issues for all, whether you’re an entertainment lover, an online gamer, a streamer, or anything else. Downloading on Nintendo Switch is too slow for some switch users that needs to be fixed pretty soon by following the possible workarounds below. All the affected switch users can check this troubleshooting guide.

No one likes to wait further unnecessarily, mostly while downloading games or updating any game. However, some of the unlucky Nintendo Switch players are getting irritated with the poor internet speed than others even if the network strength or speed is good enough. So, without wasting more time, let’s jump into the solutions below.

Downloading On Nintendo Switch is too slow: How to Fix?

Reason Why Downloading On Nintendo Switch is too slow

If your Nintendo Switch downloads are taking longer than usual, several factors might be responsible:

  1. Your Internet Plan: The speed of your internet connection can significantly influence your download times. If you’re on a slower plan or if other devices at home are using up the bandwidth, it could slow things down.
  2. WiFi Connection: The location of your Switch in relation to the router matters. If the console is far away or there are physical barriers blocking the signal, the WiFi connection may be weak, which could result in slower downloads.
  3. Server Traffic: Sometimes, the issue isn’t even in your control. If Nintendo’s servers are handling heavy traffic or undergoing maintenance, it could affect download speeds.
  4. Storage Space: If your Switch’s storage is nearly full, this could slow down your downloads. Ensure there’s enough room for the content you’re downloading.
  5. Running Games: By default, the Nintendo Switch reduces download speeds when a game is running. You can modify this in the settings: go to System Settings > Internet > Downloading Data.

These factors should help you troubleshoot and hopefully improve your download speeds.

Downloading On Nintendo Switch is too slow: How to Fix?

As we all know that there are plenty of fixes available for the Nintendo Switch users in order to bypass the slow downloading speed. To be very specific, you can try multiple things like resetting your internet connection from the router or modem, connecting to higher network frequency, manage MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), using a Wi-Fi Extender, etc.

1. Use a 5GHz Connection

  • Most of the Wi-Fi router and modems support the dual-band networking connection. So, users can easily switch between a single 2.4GHz to 5GHz mode in a few clicks.
  • Once connected to the 5GHz network, just reboot the router or modem and start using the faster connectivity or download again.

2. Manage MTU Value

  • The MTU or ‘Maximum Transmission Unit’ option offers how much the data (bytes) are receiving or sending in each download packet.
  • By default, the MTU value is always set to 1400. However, you can increase the value in order to increase the download speed as well.
  • Head over to the ‘System Setting’ > Select the ‘Internet’ > ‘Internet Settings’.
  • Choose the network from the connections list.
  • Select the ‘Change Settings’ option > Find and choose the ‘MTU’ setting.
  • Change the MTU value from 1400 to 1500 and select Save.

3. Use a Wi-Fi Extender

As the Nintendo Switch is a smaller and portable console, it’s quite obvious to carry or use it away from the Wi-Fi signal. So, it’s always recommended to use a Wi-Fi Extender in order to increase the Wi-Fi coverage area within your home or floors. You will find plenty of affordable Wi-Fi Extenders either from the local market or online stores.

That’s it, guys. We assume that this guide was helpful to you. For any queries, let us know in the comment below.

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