Fix: Sky Q Black Screen Problem

Sky Q offers satellite TV and IPTV services with a subscription model service operated by British satellite television provider Sky that’s majorly active in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the UK. The Sky Q set-top box allows users to get live TV channels, on-demand content, and recording. However, it seems that multiple users are quite frustrated by the Sky Q Black Screen Problem at their end where the background sound is coming without any picture.

As per multiple reports online, this specific issue appears several times where the Sky Q box users can’t able to see content on the TV screen which is also known as ‘Black Screen’. Well, there can be possible reasons behind such an issue. It can occur due to signal-related issues, temporary glitches on the set-top box system, software updates regarding issues, and more. Luckily, there are a couple of possible workarounds mentioned below that should fix it.

Fix: Sky Q Black Screen Problem

Fix: Sky Q Black Screen Problem

Though the black screen issue is quite common among the Sky Q set-top box users for years, it becomes widespread recently. Whereas calling the service provider and explaining everything and then waiting for the issue to be fixed by the expert technician on a scheduled time, etc is quite time-consuming. That’s why we’ve shared this troubleshooting guide to try resolving it.

1. Check Sky Service Status

First of all, you should cross-check the Sky Service Status (TV) via the official website and the third-party DownDetector Sky Status page. It may possible that somehow there is an issue with the service in your specific region or any maintenance schedule that can trigger the black screen issue on the set-top box. If in case, you’re consistently getting a black screen with no signal message then make sure to check the cable connections properly as well.

Though the official status page indicates that there is no service-related issue present, we’re seeing on the DownDetector page that plenty of affected users are facing the Sky Broadband as well as TV service outage in a couple of regions at the time of writing this article. If the service outage is also appearing to you, make sure to wait for a couple of hours and then check again. If everything seems good enough then you can head over to the next method.

2. Restart the Sky Q Set-top Box and TV

The second thing you can do is reboot the set-top box at your end manually to refresh the temporary glitch or cache data issue whatsoever. If there is a long-term server-related issue appearing to you then restarting the set-top box won’t come in handy. But it might fix the black screen issue temporarily. Just power off the set-top box and unplug the power cable from the set-top box, then wait for a couple of minutes. Finally, reconnect the cable, and turn it on.

You should follow the same steps for the set-top box-connected TV or any other display device to refresh the temporary glitch. Somehow if you’re encountering the black screen issue with your Sky Go mobile app then you should close the application and restart the mobile device to check for the issue.

3. Reinstall the Sky Go application

Sometimes issues with the Sky Go application on the mobile platform can also be buggy or conflicting enough to trigger the black screen issue on the set-top box easily. It’s highly recommended to uninstall and reinstall the Sky Go mobile app by following the steps below to ensure there is no app data issue or cache issue present on the mobile app. Whereas an outdated mobile app can also cause multiple issues that can be fixed with the same steps.

For Android:

  • Tap and hold the Sky Go app icon to bring the pop-up menu.
  • Now, tap on Uninstall. [You can also go to App Info and select Uninstall]
  • Once uninstalled completely, just reboot your mobile.
  • Finally, go to the Google Play Store app > Search for Sky Go > Tap on Install.

For iOS:

  • Tap and hold the Sky Go app icon from the home screen on your iPhone.
  • Now, select Remove App from the pop-up menu > Tap on Delete App.
  • The system will again ask you whether to delete the app or not.
  • Select the Delete button to uninstall it.
  • Then open the Apple App Store application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Search icon > Type Sky Go then search for it.
  • Finally, tap on the Get button or simply tap on the cloud download icon.
  • Wait for it to install completely and you’re good to go.

4. Reset Sky Q Set-top Box Storage

The chances are high that your Sky Q set-top box hard driver (storage) has some conflicts that can occur with the black screen issue while using the Sky Go mobile application. It’s better to factory reset the Sky Q storage by following the steps below.

  • Press and hold the Home button on your Sky Q remote for a few seconds.
  • Now, go to the Instruction menu > Select Settings.
  • Once the Select option appears, press the 0 (zero) button twice and the 1 (one) button a single time to see the Reset option. [0 0 1]
  • Select Reset in the popup window and select Reset Hard Drive.
  • If prompted, confirm the action, and wait for the instructions to close.
  • Then press the Standby button on the Sky Q set-top box and wait for it to complete.
  • Finally, use the Sky Q set-top box this time (instead of the remote control) to turn it on.
  • Make sure to adjust the user settings according to your preference because the reset process will restore all settings, content, purchases, etc to the factory default.

5. Hard Reset Sky Q Set-top Box

Last but not the least, performing the hard reset method on your Sky Q set-top box can be useful in various scenarios to refresh the glitch on the system. Though the factory reset will delete the data and settings on the set-top box completely, plenty of users found this trick helpful. As per Sky Support, performing the hard reset on the set-top box will fix the black screen issue mostly.

  • Press and hold the Home button on the Sky Q remote for a few seconds.
  • From the on-screen Instruction page, select Settings.
  • Now, press the numeric 0 0 1 buttons to access the reset menu.
  • Once the instruction menu appears on the screen, select Reset.
  • Next, select Factory Reset from the menu > If prompted, confirm the task.
  • Choose Select to start the factory reset process.
  • Then make sure to allow the factory reset process to complete.
  • Now, press the Standby button on the Sky Q set-top box (instead of the remote control).
  • Finally, let the set-top boot into the system again > Go through the initial setup.
  • You’re good to go. Enjoy!

If in case, the remote isn’t present or not working or the black screen issue is preventing you to perform on-screen actions, then just follow the steps below to manually perform the hard reset method on your Sky Q set-top box without using the remote control.

  • Ensure that the Sky Q set-top box is powered off and the power cable is unplugged from the power source.
  • Then locate and press the physical Reset button on your Sky Q set-top box on the backside.
  • Now, press the Standby button on the set-top box (once the LED starts blinking).
  • Wait for the factory reset process to get completed > Finally, the Sky Q set-top box will restart automatically.
  • Just go through the initial setup process and you’re done. This method should fix the Sky Q Black Screen issue completely.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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