Fix Titanfall 2 Errors: Disk Write and Directory Creation Error

It seems that most of the PC games have some issues with the game launch, gameplay, patch update, etc. The same thing is happening for the Titanfall 2 Windows game as well. Plenty of PC gamers is reporting about the disk write error and directory creation error for the game. If you’re also one of them and want to quickly fix this issue, then you’re in the right place. Check out the steps to Fix Titanfall 2 Errors: Disk Write and Directory Creation Error.

The 2016’s first-person shooter video game Titanfall 2 is one of the popular games in the market and people love to play this game. However, the PC game version has multiple issues that users are facing either while launching or during gameplay or loading the game, etc. Now, talking about the disk write & directory creation error, these are some of the common issues that can be fixed quite easily. So, let’s jump into it.

Fix Titanfall 2 Errors: Disk Write and Directory Creation Error

Fix Titanfall 2 Errors: Disk Write Error

Both the Titanfall 2 errors are quite similar in terms of the conclusion. Those who are getting the disk write error, can’t download or update the game. Similarly, those who are getting the directory creation error, can’t save the game files. So, in both cases, there is one common problem that’s the storage issue. Therefore, we’ve provided all the possible ways to fix these issues below.

  • First of all, make a right-click on the Steam.exe file > Click on Properties > Select Compatibility tab > Check for the “Run this program as an administrator” and hit Apply to save the changes.
  • Next, launch CMD (Command Prompt) from the Start menu > Run it as an administrator > Use the following commands individually one by one and press Enter to run it.
list disk
select disk # (# is the number of the hard drive where the game is installed)
attributes disk clear readonly.
  • The above method will check for all possible disk-related issues that you’re facing. However, if the problem persists, then go to ‘Steam/logs/content_log’ location > Scroll down and look for ‘failed to write’ > Open that file > It will have paths to some corrupted files. Just follow the path and delete these files > Reinstall the game completely and the error should have gone now.

Fix Titanfall 2 Errors: Directory Creation Error

This is another common issue that prevents users to save the game files or progress. According to the affected players, the game is literally showing the below error messages while trying to save the game files.

“Directory Creation Error”
“Error trying to find the Directory for the Game Config File:”

Due to this issue, players have to restart the game most of the time which isn’t expected at all. Luckily, we have a couple of solutions that you can try.

  • Try to disable the third-party anti-virus or Windows Defender program on your PC temporarily.
  • Meanwhile, you can also add an exclusion of the game files to the Windows Firewall program in order to fix the issue.
  • If in case, you’re using the cloud directory to save the game files automatically, then set up the local PC directory in order to save the game files.
  • Additionally, players can also create a dummy account on Windows in order to fix this issue possibly.

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this troubleshooting guide pretty useful. Feel free to ask in the comment down below.

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