How to Fix YouTube Auto­play Not Work­ing Error

YouTube is an amazing platform for enjoying non-stop visual entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you watch videos from a playlist or just a single video. The YouTube autoplay feature will play videos one after another. If you are watching a standalone video and after you finish watching it, then the next video will play that relates to the first one. You do not have to go around playing videos manually. This autoplay feature does the work for you.

Sometimes, the users complain that this autoplay feature doesn’t work properly. In this guide, let us see how to troubleshoot this issue. I have put up some easy methods to fix the Autoplay error problem on YouTube. These are all simple fixes that users often overlook. So, stay tuned with the rest of the guide to know how to implement these troubleshooting methods.


Fix YouTube Auto­play Error

Let’s fix the issue.

Enable Youtube autoplay Feature

The most simple and primary solution is to check whether the Autoplay option is active on your YouTube (PC browser) and the smartphone app.

On YouTube PC,

  • Launch from your browser
  • Play any video
  • On the right-hand side, there is the YouTube Autoplay option.
    Youtube autoplay error
  • Click on the toggle to enable it if it’s disabled.

If you’re using a smartphone

  • Tap on the YouTube app to open it
  • Play any video
  • Just below the video player, there is the Autoplay option.
    enable Youtube autoplay on smartphone app
  • Tap on the switch to enable the feature. [By default it is disabled]

Disable Ad Blocker

If you have an ad blocker running on your browser, that may interfere with the Youtube autoplay feature. Try to disable the plugin or whitelist YouTube. Otherwise, you can try out other ad-blocking plugins that do not create any problem for the autoplay feature. While the plugin will be active, you can still enjoy continuous playback of videos automatically via autoplay.

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Try to Switch Browser if you face YouTube Autoplay Error on Current Browser

If things are not working for you in a particular browser, then try out other browsers you have installed on your PC. Maybe there are some bugs in the current browser that is causing an issue in YouTube autoplay. So, switch to another browser.

Disable Muted Playback in Feed

If you are using a smartphone, then you need to disable the muted playback in the feed. As the name suggests, when you are browsing the homepage or YouTube feed, the videos will playback without sound. It’s kind of like a trailer of that video without the sound.

  • Open YouTube app
  • Tap on your profile > then navigate to Settings and tap on it
  • Now open General
    youtube settings
  • Scroll down to Muted Playback in the feed. tap on it
    disable muted playback in feeds to fix youtube autoplay error
  • select Off

Update your Browser

Many users may not know but browsers also get version updates that need to be installed to fix errors, crashes, bugs, etc. So, you need to install if there is an update available for the browser. In some browsers, the update gets installed automatically. Still, you can check whether the browser is based on the latest build or an older build.

I use the Chrome browser so, I will show you how to check whether it is based on the latest build.

  • Open your browser > go to Settings
  • then go to About Chrome
  • You can see what build version Chrome browser is using and whether it is up-to-date or not.
    Update chrome browser
  • Or on the address bar, you can type chrome://settings/help
  • This URL will redirect you to the About Chrome page

Update YouTube App

If nothing of the above troubleshoot worked for you, then try to check whether you have installed the latest play Store update for the YouTube app. Maybe the app has some bug and that’s causing the autoplay option to not work as intended. So, you need to check for the update and install it.

  • Launch Play Store app
  • Tap on the hamburger shaped button
  • then tap My Apps & Games
  • Then in the list of apps waiting to get an update, check whether YouTube is there.
  • If it’s there, beside it you should see an Update option. Tap on it install the update.


You may also try to reinstall the YouTube app in case there are no latest updates available for the app.

Uninstall the app from your smartphone and once again install it from the Play Store. A fresh installation should fix up bugs and glitches causing the YouTube autoplay error.

I believe one should never compromise with seamless and hands-free entertainment. If you cannot use the autoplay feature on YouTube, try this guide and fix the problem with these troubleshooting methods.

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