Fix: Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue (Both LTE and Classic)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is truly magnificent to use paired with any Android or iPhone smartphone. It does enable users to do a lot of things but it has a few issues as well. Turns out Bluetooth pairing issues or others related to Bluetooth on your device and the smartwatch 4 is fairly common as well. After a tonne of research, we at GetDroidTips have come across X ways to fix Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on both LTE and Classic variants. Tag along if you are facing such an issue on your smartwatch too.

Fix: Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue (Both LTE and Classic)

1. Restart Bluetooth on Phone and Watch

The scenario is simple. You tried connecting your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with your phone and it didn’t pair. Well, to be honest, a lot could go wrong here. For starters, try toggling Bluetooth on both your device and the smartwatch. This should fix any redundant issue where the system was unable to establish Bluetooth pairing due to XYZ reasons.

  • On your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Navigate to “Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth”. Turn on the Bluetooth toggle, turn it OFF and turn it ON again.
  • On your Android smartphone: Bring down the notification panel with two swipe-down gestures and tap on the “Bluetooth” quick tile a few times. Tap on the last time to turn it ON.
  • On your iPhone: Here, you will have to go through Settings >> Bluetooth and turn it ON or you can tap on the Bluetooth option on the Control Center.
  • This particular method will nudge Bluetooth prompting it to turn ON and connect to the recipient proactively.

2. Check for the device

Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has Bluetooth v5.0 and most of the smartphones today support it as well. This means you have a theoretical limit of 800 feet but that’s out of the picture as it is theoretical. Usually, the maximum distance between two Bluetooth devices is about 32 feet but it is the same to assume that it is between 20 to 30 feet. The Bluetooth reception decreases proportionally to the increase in the distance between the two devices. Take walls, ceilings, floor, and other obstructions in mind as they tend to decrease the intensity of the signal considerably.

If you were trying to connect your phone to the watch and it didn’t pair, check the distance between the two. Also, if you are moving concerning the recipient, the reception could go off for a toss as well.

3. Check for Low Battery Level

Just like Wi-Fi or GPS, Bluetooth on Galaxy Watch 4 or any device consumes power and thus, a low battery can cause the functionality to tumble. The South Korean giant Samsung recommends 25 percent of battery on both the watch and the phone to ensure seamless pairing and synching without a glitch. It is possible that at least one of your devices had a low battery which prevented the devices from pairing. This is one of the basic Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues right there. Using power-saving or battery-saving mode can obstruct the working of Bluetooth as well.

4. Unpair and Pair

You have already paired a watch with your phone and it used to work properly until one day, it stopped working anymore. Something with the Bluetooth pairing might have gone wrong as you aren’t able to pair with the watch again. The simple troubleshooting method you can use is to unpair and pair again.

  • Firstly, go to “Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth” on your smartphone or bring down the notification shade and long-press on the Bluetooth quick tile to launch it.
  • Proceed to check the “Paired Devices” and find your watch.
  • Tap on the “More Settings” or “Advanced Settings” denoted either by two/three vertical dots or a cogwheel against the device you want to tinker with.
  • Finally, tap on “Unpair” and it is done.
  • Wait for a few minutes before you can go to Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth and repair the watch assuming that you have turned on Bluetooth on the watch as well.
  • For iPhone users, they need to go to Settings >> Bluetooth, tap on (i) against the Galaxy Watch paired device, and select “Forget this device” only to repair it a few seconds later.

5. Reboot

Your smartphone and the smartwatch work on a system of OS, apps, and processes. Turns out some functions might be unavailable for a short duration due to XYZ reasons of which, system glitch or issue is one albeit it is a temporary issue. Rebooting the device and the watch will fix the issue on both nodes refreshing the system to pair with a nearby Bluetooth device i.e. Galaxy Watch 4.

6. Refresh Connections

This is a to-go troubleshooting technique you can use to kickstart the connection between the two Bluetooth devices. For this, you must go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and check out the devices connected. If the watch is connected but there’s no way you can use the watch with the device, refresh the connection by tapping on “Disconnect”. Wait for a few seconds and try connecting to a nearby watch again. This should be able to fix the problem right there.

7. Connect to a new phone

Usually, you would pair the watch and the phone simply using Bluetooth, however, if your watch was already connected to an old phone and you want to connect it to a new phone, here’s how you can do it.

  • First up, go to the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
  • Next up, scroll through the page to find “Connect to new phone”, tap on it.
  • Once the process is over, you must be able to pair to your watch using the usual method without a glitch.

8. Clear App Cache

When I say clear app cache, you have both Bluetooth (as a system app) and Galaxy Wearable app. Of course, this particular method is restricted to Android only, and thus, iOS devices can’t deploy it.

  • To clear the app cache, go to Settings >> Apps >> Galaxy Wearable. You can even long-press on the Galaxy Wearable app and tap on “App Info” to find the same page as above.
  • Now, check out the Storage >> Cache and clear it.
  • Apply the same for Bluetooth only to find it via Settings >> Apps >> Show System Apps >> Bluetooth.

9. Update the Watch and the Phone

As aforementioned, both the phone and the watch use a set of operating systems and apps to carry out their functions. Although it is highly unlikely that an app will interfere with the Bluetooth capability of your device, outdated operating systems can interfere. Thus, you’ll need to update the operating system i.e. iOS and Android as well as WearOS on Google Watch 4 (or other watches).

On iPhone: You need to find if there’s an update available via Settings >> General >> Software Update.
On Android: Navigate to Settings >> About >> Software Update and if there’s an update available, download it and install the same.
On Galaxy Watch: You need to check out the Watch Software Update >> Download section in the Galaxy Wearable app.

10. Reset the watch

For everything else, you can reset the watch to fix any issue on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (or any other smartwatches) simply by resetting the watch once and for all. This will surely fix any and every software issue.

Unlock your watch, go for Settings >> General >> Reset and follow the instructions on-screen and you are done.

11. Report the issue to a service center

Assuming that Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth connectivity issue is still intact and hasn’t budged a bit after employing some of the troubleshooting methods above, there’s a possibility that it could be a hardware issue. For that, you will have to report the issue to a service center either authorized or third-party (local) to get the issue sorted.

And with that, we conclude our troubleshooting guide on how to fix Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on both LTE and Classic variants.

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