How to Use Vir­tu­al Back­ground in Google Meet

In this guide, I will tell you how to add a vir­tu­al back­ground in Google Meet. You may question why do we need to do it in the first place.? Let me explain. These days due to COVID-19 Lockdown everyone is working from home. So, let’s say you just got up and get notification of a team meeting imminent within 15 minutes. Of course, your room is messy and you don’t want your boss to see that. I know that’s asking for a bad impression.

So, is there a way you can hide your background during the meeting.? Though you cannot hide, you can replace it with a virtual background. Instead of your messy room, you can display an image or a video. This is actually quite useful for those folks who do a lot of meetings in a day. I believe having some kind of image in the background is better and will give a formal touch to your online sessions. So, follow the guide and get the idea of how you can do it.?

Google Meet

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How to Create A Vir­tu­al Back­ground in Google Meet

This feature is supported on all the major operating system platforms. However, you have to use some third-party camera app to implement virtual background at your meeting. You can download the app ChromaCam on your PC. Then replace it with the stock webcam of your PC/Laptop.

Usually, these third-party camera apps come with the virtual background feature. Thankfully, Google Meet supports the use of alternative cameras. So, you won’t have any problem in using this feature.

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  • Download ChromaCam from its official website
  • Signup to the app and log in as well using your email ID.
  • Launch Google Meet
  • If you are joining a meeting click Join
  • Otherwise, if you are hosting a meeting then click Start A Meeting
  • On the camera screen, towards the right corner, you should see a 3-dot button. When you hover the mouse over it will highlight as More Options. Click on it to open a small menu
  • From the menu select Settings
    Setting up Vir­tu­al Back­ground in Google Meet
  • In the next screen, click on the Video tab
  • You should see the stock camera of the laptop is shown as the default camera.
  • Now that you have installed ChromaCam, to use it click on the Camera dropdown.
    Use Vir­tu­al Back­ground in Google meet
  • Select ChromaCam from the dropdown list.
  • Then with ChromaCam you select the virtual background and apply other filters as well
  • Have a happy meeting

So, that’s it, guys. If you do not wish to share that messy room with your colleagues, then use the virtual background on your Google Meet conference sessions.

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