GoPro Hero Not Recognized By Computer, How to Fix?

GoPro is a famous company for providing small-size cameras. Their unique idea and service have made their presence in the market, leading to happy customers buying the camera and using it very happily. Some users are happy with the product, whereas some are hustling with searching for fixes. Many GoPro Hero users face an issue with their cameras, such as their PC not being recognized. This will be a minor issue if there is no problem with the hardware. This tutorial will troubleshoot the GoPro Hero not detecting your computer problem.

GoPro Hero

How To Fix GoPro Hero Not Recognized on Windows 7, 10, 11

The issue that the GoPro Hero is facing is not a major issue. It can happen due to the fault of an external device, software issues, or through your PC. You can try resolving the issues through the methods mentioned below.

Turn On the Camera while connecting with the PC

When connecting your GoPro Hero camera, make sure that it is turned on. The GoPro Hero will connect properly to the PC if turned on. When you turn on the camera, it will help start all the components properly through which it can work properly with the PC.

Check USB Cable

The other thing you can do is check the USB cable through which you connect the GoPro Hero. As we know that the USB Cable is the medium for the PC and the camera. If it is not in working condition, you will be unable to connect the GoPro Hero with the PC. We suggest you check the whole wire cable to ensure that it is not bent and is in proper working condition.

After doing this, try connecting the wire with the PC to check whether the issue has been resolved or not. We will suggest that you should connect the cable with another device to check whether the PC is recognizing it or not. By doing this, you will be able to ensure whether the wire cable is in working condition.

Check the USB Port of the Device and PC

After assessing the USB cable, you should check the USB ports of the GoPro camera, PC, and wire. Sometimes the cable is in working condition, but the problem that is caused is due to the USB port. We suggest you check the USB Port of the device, PC, and wire. By doing this, you can ensure no problem with them. When you are evaluating the cable, make sure to check that the ports are clean and dust free. In case if there is some dust, then try cleaning it.

Restart The PC 

If the issue persists, then you should try restarting the PC. By restarting the PC, you will be able to solve the problem that has been caused due to the startup files of the system. Therefore, restart your PC, and again try connecting the camera to check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Contact Customer Support

Even after implementing all the methods, if you cannot resolve this issue, then this might be a problem with the camera’s hardware. It can only be analyzed once you take the camera to the service center. Therefore, take it to the service center and get the problem resolved.


This was all for this GoPro Hero guide. We have mentioned the reasons through which the issue might be occurring. After it, we have listed the methods through which you can resolve the issue. If you have fixed the same issue through other methods, share it with us in the comment section below.

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