Grim Dawn Best Classes in 2023

Grim Dawn is a role-playing action game set up as a thematically dark fictional world based on the Victoria Era. If you first try this game, you will slowly discover that you can devise your unique build. With Grim Dawn’s engaging dual mystery, you got to become a new class in the second mystery. Then you can easily mix skills from both masteries. And boom! Your unique build is ready.

However, you must be wondering about the best among all of them. We have gathered the info on Grim Dawn’s best classes in 2023. So, let’s take a look at them.

Grim Dawn Best Classes in 2021

Best Classes for Grim Dawn in 2023

Despite having a long list to choose the best class, we have selected a few top classes of Grim Dawn in 2023. So, here’s the list of best classes for Grim Dawn in 2023.

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#1 Ritualist


Description: The Ritualist is a mixture of the Shaman and Necromancer mysteries. Necromancer skills include:

  • 10 Reaping Strikes
  • 12 Necrotic Edge
  • 4 Call of the Grave
  • 1 Rotting Fumes
  • 12 Will of the Crypt
  • 16 Raised Skeletons
  • 12 Undead legions
  • A Blight Burst

On the other hand, Shaman skills include:

  • 12 Brute Force
  • 4 Ground Slam
  • 10 Feral Hunger
  • Primal Bond 12
  • 16 Summon Briarthorn
  • 6 Conjure Primal Spirit

In my opinion, Ritualist is the best class for levelling up. In both mysteries, there are supporting solid skills for vitality damage. Also, it is great for pet-focused builds. While playing as a Ritualist, you have high durability and helps in yielding high damage output as well. Long story short, the Ritualist is a very well-rounded class or build.

Why is the Ritualist the best class?

  • Being a Ritualist gave the players access to spells like Wendigo Totem and Devouring Swarm. It allows players to do damage and sustain their health.
  • Bone spike, lagoth’Ak’s Bloodbinding, and Ugdenbog Howler are examples of monsters that support this class.
  • With the help of pet spells in the Necromancer and Shaman skill, you can summon a small army of minions to fight. Especially for those players who prefer a pet-oriented playstyle.
  • Ritualists become very powerful at the end game. So powerful that it becomes capable of taking down the most challenging bosses. The reason is the item sets such as the Dark One’s Gift, Bysmiel’s Trinkets, or Beastcaller’s Regalia.

#2 Conjurer


Description: Conjurer is the perfect mixture of the Shaman and Occultist masteries. It is considered one of the most powerful classes for leveling as well as ending the game. Yes, you read it right. The Occultist and the Shaman are both righteous options for leveling up. So, the Conjurer class comes with serious endgame potential. Moreover, you will be able to sustain yourself, stay mobile, and deal severe damage without even sacrificing durability.

Why is the Conjurer the Best Class?

  • You can have early access to abilities like Devouring Swarm, Bloody Px, Blood of Dreeg, and Sigil of Consumption.
  • Strong sets like Beastcaller’s Regalia or Bysmiel’s Trinkets can make your pet build top tier.
  • This perfect combination of damage output and sustain mobility can put you ahead of many other classes.

#3 Spellbinder


Description: The Spellbinder is a mixture of the Arcanist and Necromancer masteries. For the Spellbinder, I would say that damage is the best feature of this class. Well, it is a very decent class for leveling up and is a versatile class as it is capable of playing many different build types.

Why is the Spellbinder the Best Class?

  • The Spellbinder with the use of Flash Freeze, Blade Spirit, and Trozan’s sky is best suited for Cold damage.
  • Oops! How can I forget about TSS rolling? Use TSS whenever you see a bunch of enemies concentrated in one place.
  • You can have access to passive and toggle buffs such as Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Devastation, or Spectral binding.

#4 Druid


Description: The Druid is a fusion of the Arcanist and Shaman masteries. Don’t get me wrong. But in my opinion, choosing Druid is an okay choice to level up. However, you cannot forget about the capability of both the Shaman and Arcanist skill trees to support the elemental damage. Moreover, your damage output will be relatively higher than other classes.

Why Druid is the Best Class?

  • Choosing the Druid gives you access to a wide variety of support for elemental damage. With the help of skills such as Wind Devil, Ishkandra’s Elemental Exchange, or Stormcaller’s Pact.
  • Another point to prove is that you can use Primal Strike when you are starting with the Shaman. And as you know, Primal Strike has high damage output and the capability to excel in both single target damage and AOE.
  • Storm Totem and Wendigo Totem are Shaman spells that provide a lot of standing power to you.
  • Although there are few endgame builds for the Druid, but all those few are very viable.

#5 Dervish


Description: The Dervish is the fusion of the Oathkeeper and Nightblade masteries. If you take Oathkeeper first, then believe me! It is a solid choice for leveling up. Both the Nightblade and Oathkeeper support the vitality and acid damage. All over, the Dervish is durable, has great mobility, and has high damage output.

Why is the Dervish the Best Class?

  • Eye of Reckoning and Shadow Strike can be converted to do acid damage via the Dunefiend.
  • Keeping Oathkeeper first, you can focus totally on Vire’s Might and blaze via the early levels.
  • As already told, the Nightblade skill tree has support for acid damage with the skills of the Oathkeeper to do Vitality damage.

#6 Vindicator


Description: It is an excellent blend of the Shaman and Inquisitor masteries. Vindicator is the easiest class to level with if you are looking for a well-rounded class competent with powerful damage output while keeping consistent defenses.

Why is the Vindicator the Best Class?

  • Using the Vindicator, you can level up both the Inquisitor and Shaman trees, like Word of Pain, Primal Strike, and Storm Box of Elgoloth.
  • With abilities like Wind Devil or Aura of Censure, you can diminish elemental resistance because that allows you to tap out some severe damage.

Our guide on Grim Dawn’s best classes in 2023 ends with this. There are more best classes of Grim Dawn which we will keep updating for you from time to time. We hope this guide has relieved you of choosing the class in Grim Dawn. Please, comment down your thoughts regarding the same.

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