Guide To Fix Alcatel Power Button Not Working Problem

Smartphones are indeed smart but fragile and Alcatel is no exception. Drop your phone once and it might dismantle or break easily and that is why people use phone cases and covers so that they can safeguard their devices. But irrespective of the precaution being taken, various things can go wrong. It could be software failure or hardware failure but that accounts for a problem and needs to be fixed either by the user or by taking help from technicians or service centers. In this extract, we are talking about Alcatel power button not working problem which is essentially bad because power button has numerous functions such as turn on the screen, turn off the screen, power down and reboot, and much more that makes is quintessential.

Although software failure or issues can be sorted easily using few methods that we have prescribed in this extract, hardware issues need professional’s help since not everyone knows how to properly disassemble a phone, fix the problem and assemble it again which is a hefty and difficult task to do for a novice. GetDroidTips has gathered a list of methods and hacks that you can perform to fix Alcatel power button not working problem.

Guide To Fix Alcatel Power Button Not Working Problem?

Let’s analyze the culprit first. Firstly, you need to make sure that it is a software-related problem or not as if it is, it can be fixed pretty easily.

Reboot the device

The power button on your phone ain’t working, what do you do? There is a possibility that it is due to a software glitch if its apparent change. So, you must reboot the phone in such situations. First of all, if your power button is working at all, you can simply turn off the phone using power key but when it’s not working, that’s where things become a little complication. You can either use your computer and the USB cable to access ADB and fast boot tools or the PC suite that comes with your phone to reboot it. If your battery is removable, there’s no worry as you can turn off the phone by removing it and then, inserting it again.

Check for debris

The power key is a physical component that works with the help of a mechanism where when the user presses it, the conductor plates inside the button connects and that is when the said function is performed. But if there’s debris stuck between the conductor plate or on either side of the button that doesn’t allow it to form a proper connection, the power button will not work. Take a very sharp object like a needle and scrape off the dirt by inserting it through the small opening at the circumference of the button but that won’t work for all devices. If there is no space between the keys, take a professional’s help and avoid doing it by yourself.

If its hardware issue, seek help from professionals

If your instinct suggests that it’s not software but actually a hardware-related problem, you must report it to the nearest service center to get it repaired. This is because a majority of people don’t actually know how to disassemble and reassemble a smartphone as it is tricky and if you are someone who will rely on YouTube videos or guides, I would recommend getting help from a professional instead. Moreover, if your phone is under warranty period, the cost of replacing the key will be borne by your manufacturer and that too ensuring the quality of the work done. Thus, you must report it to an authorized service center.

What are the alternatives for Power button not working problem?

As said earlier, the power button is quintessential as it performs varied functions but what if someone would rather use alternatives that actually visit a service center due to time constraint or any other reasons. Here’s what you can use as an alternative to the power button.

Shake Screen On Off

Download the app ‘Shake Screen On Off’ from the Play Store and voila! Shake the phone and the screen will turn on and shake it again to turn it off. This app also uses a proximity sensor that prevents accidental unlocks while the phone is in the pocket or when you are jogging, running, or even walking. The app is free although it displays advertisements it is easy to use and a primitive app that replaces the power button temporarily.

Gravity Unlock

It is an advanced app that works with the help of gravity sensor on your phone. It detects the orientation of the phone in various states such as when its in a pocket or laid on a flat surface like a table. Download and install the app and then, set the degrees at which you want that phone to lock and/or unlock itself. You can also set up the orientation of the phone when it is on a table or when it is lying face up or when its in the pocket and accordingly, locks and unlocks the screen automatically and accurately.

Power Button to Volume Button

This is also a primitive but powerful app that switches the control of a power button to a volume button. As the name suggests, the app allows the user to switch the defunct or broken power button from one of the volume rockers available so that the user can lock or unlock the phone using the set volume key. It is a basic and easy-to-use app that will need administrator privileges on your phone. You will find in the Play Store.

Proximity Actions

As the name suggests, this particular app utilizes the built-in proximity sensor on your phone. Once the app is activated, it lets the user hold the phone at a different distance to perform functions from the user since that is how proximity sensors work. It lets the user turn on the screen and turn off screen as well as other functions that you need to perform using the Settings option available within the app. The wave functions are also integral and thus, you can set different wave actions and durations to perform given tasks.

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