How to Resolve Hisense TV WiFi Connection or Internet Connection Issue

It’s not hard to break the bank buying a Hisense TV since they typically offer a great value for their price. With the addition of features such as variable refresh rate (VRR), they are becoming a competitor with other brands in the gaming market.

There are, however, quality issues with their TVs, such as problems with uniformity or motion. But, unfortunately, for some users, the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection issue. That’s the reason why we are here! In this article, you will learn how to resolve the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection issue. So, let’s get started with the guide.

How to Resolve Hisense TV WiFi Connection or Internet Connection Issue

Why Won’t your Hisense TV Connect to WiFi or the Internet?

It is possible for your Hisense TV to have difficulty connecting to the internet for a number of reasons. However, a malfunctioning router is highly likely to be the cause of this connectivity problem.

Say, for example, that your network is down or not powered on. If that’s the case, the Hisense TV won’t detect it and will not establish a connection with it.

It is common for older routers to lose range over time. Thus, the WiFi range may also be inadequate. There is a possibility that this issue will cause signal interruptions and prevent connection establishment.

There is also the possibility that your Hisense TV’s network driver is faulty, making it unable to connect to the internet. You can always change your IP setting through the DNS settings within the menu if certain IP settings are causing a hindrance. It has been proven that long-term 2.4GHz connections are unreliable.

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How To Resolve HiSense TV WiFi Connection or Internet Connection Issue

You can sometimes fix the HiSense TV WiFi connection or internet connection problem by rebooting your router! You should regularly clear the network cache if all else fails, so if all else fails, you might try clearing the network cache.

Fix 1: Reboot Your TV

It will be a good idea to reboot your TV when you experience problems with Hisense TV internet connections not working, slow, or dropping out, as this can resolve any issue. Some users have reported that their WiFi worked again after restarting their TVs after applying this fix.

Unpredictable temporary glitches and bugs cause, most of the time, this type of error. Consequently, the hardware is not working properly. You can therefore fix all of these problems when you reboot your system. If you are experiencing any problems with your HiSense TV, you should restart it and reconnect it to WiFi.

Fix 2: Check the distance between the router and the TV

If the error persists after clearing the TV’s cache, it’s possible your router is placed a little closer to your TV than the TV is from your router. It’s because of this reason that the error occurs.

There shouldn’t be more than a 10-meter distance between your TV and router, so be very sure about this. Hence, let’s keep it close and see how it goes. There is a good chance that the problem will automatically be resolved this time around. 

Fix 3: Clear Cache Data

If the error persists, it is possible that cache data is causing the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection error. It is recommended that you clear the cache data on your HiSense TV to resolve this problem. You all know how well this solution has worked for me regarding the Hisense TV connection not working, being slow, or even dropping out occasionally.

Thus, if this works for you, please let us know. You’ll need to follow different steps depending on your model. If you know your HiSense TV’s model number, you can search for it on Google.

Fix 4: Check The Connectivity

You may be experiencing the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection error because your router or modem isn’t providing optimal speeds. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that your WiFi connection is stable and that the speed is acceptable.

In some cases, you may find that your TV turns off automatically if you keep trying to connect to it, but if you keep trying, it may become difficult to connect, and then it may turn itself off. Visit the Ookla Speed tester page to check your connection speed. Nevertheless, your ISP provider may be able to fix your poor connection speed if you contact them.

Fix 5: Make a Wired Connection

It is an alternative if you are unable to connect your TV wirelessly to the WiFi network. However, it must have an Ethernet port to connect to Roku TV. In order to use Ethernet, you will need a cable. Hisense Roku TV can connect your WiFi router with one end and your WiFi router with the other.

There are times, however, when a wired connection is not feasible. When you need to transport your TV, a wireless connection allows you to do so more easily. Further, if your TV does not have an Ethernet port, you cannot connect it via an Ethernet cable. It is thus a little inconvenient to use this option.

Fix 6: Use 5 GHz Connection

You can start by renaming your WiFi spot so your Hisense TV can distinguish it from other WiFi spots. Turn on your TV and connect to your 5 GHz wireless connection after searching for WiFi configuration and naming your 2.4 and 5.0 wireless connections differently. Check if switching from the 2.4 GHz to the 5.0 GHz wireless connection makes a difference if you previously used the 2.4 GHz one.

Fix 7: Reset Your TV

Does your HiSense TV still keep disconnecting or turning off the WiFi? It’s okay; we have another solution for you to resolve this issue. Since you were able to read the heading, it is time to reset your TV. 

It’s important to keep in mind before you proceed that this will erase any apps you’ve installed on your TV. Thus, all applications need to be reinstalled. So, if you haven’t experienced this problem before, please reset your HiSense TV and see if it resolves the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection issue.

So, that’s how to fix the HiSense TV WiFi connection or Internet connection issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, in case you need more help, comment below and let us know.

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