How to Fix Bluboo Water Damaged smartphone [Quick Guide]

Imagine that you accidentally dropped your phone in the pool, sink, or toilet or on a surface that had water on it. What would you do? Liquid damage is one of the major reasons why users prefer putting the cover case to prevent it from any impact after falling but, water can seep through even the tiniest hole and enter in the internal assembly of the phone. But it is not always the case. Dropping the phone in a pool or totally submerging it is far more dangerous since it will surely short circuit inside the assembly and much more. Thus, your phone won’t start. How to fix Bluboo water damaged smartphone? Well, have exactly what you are searching for. Here is a quick guide on how to Bluboo water damaged smartphone and all the do’s and don’ts that you must know.

How To Fix Ulefone Water Damaged Smartphone?

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What Not To Do –

It is a natural response that you would assume that shaking the phone to remove from water when such incident happened is fairly common but not right. Remember, smartphones are electronic devices that work on various components assembled together. Water damage can cause failure of any component but shaking it or tapping it can allow water to seep into the parts where it never reached. Finally, you will end up damaging the phone even more than the actual incident. This is few don’ts that must be followed to prevent excess damage.

  • Do not shake or tap the phone.
  • Don’t use blowers or other heating solutions.
  • Do not turn it On if it switched off immediately after coming in contact with the water.
  • Don’t press or tap on any button on the phone.

Quick Guide On How To Fix Bluboo Water Damaged Smartphone

Although this particular guide is based on Bluboo smartphones, it can be applied to any smartphones since all these devices are electronic and have components similar to each other.

Tip #1 – The first thing you must do if your phone falls on any water surface is to turn if off. Although most of the times the phone will disconnect itself automatically, if it isn’t the case with your device, turn it off and hold it in water-resistant upright position to drain the water from the internal parts.

Tip #2 – Protective casings or covers do aid the phone during a fall from its impact but you will have to get a different cover to prevent water seepage. If you don’t have a cover that protects the phone from the water damage, simply remove it.

Tip #3 – Remove microSD Card, SIM Card and free up the slots where the chances of water seepage are more.

Tip #4 – If you have a removable battery, it is better to remove the back cover and then, remove the battery from the housing. Keep the battery and phone separated after wiping it.

Tip #5 – Use a clean cloth to wipe off excess water on the phone to dry it. You can keep the phone and battery somewhere near a light source or a window as most of the water will evaporate eventually. While wiping the phone with a cloth, avoid putting it in slots or pushing it deep inside the phone as it may push the water inside the internal parts.

Tip #6 – If the water damage is severe, you a vacuum on a light setting to carefully suck the water out of the internal assembly and elsewhere. You can point the vacuum towards the headphone jack and charging slot to suck water seeped in these slots.

Tip #7 – This is a subtle and unconventional tip as many people do believe it can fix Ulefone water damaged smartphones as well as other brands too and then, there are people who disagree. You’ll have to bury your phone in a ziplock and fill it with uncooked rice. Rice is a natural water absorbent which will suck out out the water trapped in the phone.

Tip #8 – Now that you followed our ‘Tip #7’, next step is to keep it in the zip lock for a day or two and let it do its work.

Tip #9 – After few days, remove the phone from the ziplock and look for any traces of water present. If not, put the battery and try to switch it on. Now, the phone either turn on or not. There are probabilities of damaged phone or damaged battery or both. So you will have to play it nice to check what is wrong with the phone only if it doesn’t turn on. If you can find a similar device, try putting your battery on that device to check if the battery has been damaged or not. If not, then it is definitely the water in the internal part which has damaged it.

Tip #10 – If you are lucky that the phone turned on, check for any issues for a couple of days. If the phone didn’t turn on at the first place, take it to the nearest authorized service center and get it fixed by experienced technicians. Note that I stressed on ‘authorized’ service center because it will enable you to maintain the warranty on the phone.

After evaluating most of the reports by users, I drew a list of ten tips that are aforementioned. These tips can revive your phone in most cases. In severe water damage, help from an experienced technician is needed anyhow. But later in the future, you can take precautions to minimize such risks. There are a bunch of other methods available to prevent the phone from damage after falling on the ground or in the water.

What Else Can You do?

There are a bunch of other options available in the smartphone market that you can choose. If you are a clumsy type or someone who tends to drop their phone often, its time to get rid of with protection cases.

Use Water Resistant Cases


Yes, you can buy a water-resistant case for you Ulefone smartphone. As only a few of the high-end smartphones have built-in water resistant feature, getting a water-resistant cover will save the overhead cost of getting water damaged smartphone repaired later. You can search for the available cases or search great deals on GetDroidTips. If you are unable to find any deals on water-resistant cases for Ulefone, write to us and we will showcase it right away.

Use Water Resistant Phones

Now, this required paying a hefty amount upfront or at least in the form of EMI. But it will eventually pay off once you know that your phone is secure even if it submerge under water by mistake. You can search for water resistant Ulefone phones or for any other brand which has IP67 or IP68 water resistance which is nothing but a standard of its water resisting capability. Nowadays, you get phones that can stay submerged for half an hour or more at a depth of few metres thus, protecting the water from any potential water damage.

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