How to Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your Mac | Guide

In terms of evolving technology and software optimisation, there were a lot of potential risks such as pishing, data-mining, vulnerabilities, and among more. It is safe to say that we have been protected for as long as we can. The best way to stay safe is to install antivirus software on our Mac, and we know that Apple had top-class security. Meanwhile, it is also important to also scan the internal files of our device to remove viruses such as Trojans because they can harm or damage our device.

There were many users that had not been installed any kind of antivirus on their Mac, but having a Dedicated Antivirus seems worthy. Today we are going to teach you the steps that you can follow to install Malwarebytes on your Mac. You can use the Free version of Malwarebytes to clean and stay protected from any kind of threat.


  • There are two plans, and one is Free to allow you to scan threat, and Premium comes with optimisation, Privacy, and more features.
  • After installing it, you should update the Malwarebyte Antivirus software regularly.
  • It had the ability to clean, scan or discover an infection from your Mac and send it to their lab for further examination in case they didn’t recognise the file type or new for them.

How to Install the Malwarebyte Malware scanner on your Mac?

It is quite easy, and after installing it, you can clean for Malware, Viruses, Adware, and more. Follow the following steps to install Malwarebytes on your Mac.

Install the Malwarebyte

  1. First thing First, Download the Malwarebyte for Mac from their website.
  2. Then, head over to the folder where you have downloaded the Malwarebyte likely to be in the Download folder.
  3. Open the “Malwarebyte” package installer.
  4. Then, you have to choose “Continue” to start installing Malwarebyte.
    (Continue button refers that you have read the license terms and agree to these terms and conditions.)
  5. After that, select the drive that you want to Install Malwarebyte for Mac.
    (Which is likely to be in a Primary boot volume named as “Macintosh HD.”)
  6. Now, Authenticated the installer and the Malwarebyte seems to be a complete installation on your Mac.
  7. Malwarebyte opens in a moment as soon as it is installed completely on your Mac.
  8. After that, it asks if you want to install Malwarebyte for personal or home/work usage.
    (Selected the option based on your preferences.)
  9. Choose “No Thanks, I just want to scan,” and it is a day of the free trial, but later, you have to purchase the premium version to continue usages.
  10. Now you are ready to scan your Mac if any threat finds it alters you on the same screen.
  11. Then, you can clear or modify the threat that has been caught by Malwarebyte.
  12. That’s it.

Not to mention, you have to purchase a premium version to unlock more features, whereas it offers provided by Malwarebyte for Mac. After 14 days of the free trial, you can continue to use it, or you can simply uninstall it. Then you can look for a good alternative antivirus tool for your Mac. We believe that updating your app to the latest version was a more secure way alongside other important updates. This is because Companies rolled out with the security patches to fix vulnerabilities in their new applications.

Malwarebytes for Mac

Install the Malwarebyte

There was a different kind of virus that exists, including Junk Ware and Adware, scanned by macOS. Which is fairly protected by our Mac. However, there was a new virus, and vulnerabilities found every single one that could be fixed by some kind of antivirus such as Malwarebyte. They have been under a security threat to develop their own antivirus and are one of the most trusted and reputed companies that make antivirus.

Hopefully, we assume that this article is worth your time, and you have successfully installed the Malwarebyte for Mac. We would like to know your thoughts and experience on the same. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section down below.

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