Insignia TV Factory Reset With and Without Remote: How To

Insignia Smart TVs are well-known around the world. Many Insignia Smart TV owners are looking for ways to reset the software with remote control and without the remote control. Smart TV has advanced software running in the background, and you get the factory reset feature in the system. Let’s look at how you can reset the Smart TV below.

Insignia TV Factory Reset With and Without Remote: How To

Can you reset the Insignia Smart TV?

Insignia signed a deal with Amazon, and they installed Fire TV software as the operating system. Indirectly the television unit is running the Android Pie or later versions. There’s no wonder why the TV unit remote control looks similar to the Amazon Fire Stick. Consider a few things you should do before resetting the Android TV software.

Customized Settings:

The operating system erases the saved form data upon resetting the software. The Fire TV removes all customizations, and you have to set up the television as a new device. There’s no way to back up the apps or restore the apps once you reset the device. Note down or take photos of the installed apps and settings.

Account Data:

Factory reset removes the account data, and many TV owners don’t remember the account credentials. The software removes the account from the system, and you will be puzzled later on. Turn on the device, take a photo of the account details, such as email address and memorize the password. You don’t have to worry about resetting the account credentials when the device lands on the setup screen.

Update Software:

Many TV owners connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and forget to update the software. The TV unit may have problems with the software, and you are trying to solve them by resetting the operating system. However, you should update the software that addresses many bugs, glitches, and known problems. Update the Android TV OS, and it’s worth your time.

Contact Customer Care:

Take a minute and contact customer care for further support. You can solve most basic problems by calling the support team. Many representatives lack knowledge of the products and part of the blame goes to the manufacturer. They don’t train the representatives and help them gain knowledge about the existing and old models. However, you can find a solution if you escalate the call to a team leader or technical team.

Perform the basic troubleshooting before commencing the reset process. You can reset the Insignia Smart TVs using the remote control and without the remote control.

Insignia TV Factory Reset With and Without Remote: How To

Insert new batteries in the remote control to prevent any problems later on. Clean the Smart TV and clean the physical buttons using a dry cloth. We don’t want the dust to interrupt the process and finish the task faster. Double-check the photos of the settings, apps, and account details.

Factory Reset Insignia Smart TV without Remote Control

Go through the tutorial from the first point to the last point. Perform the reset sequence after reading the tutorial twice.

1. Unplug the Insignia Smart TV from the power socket and turn off the unit.

2. Press and hold the “Power” button on the TV physical control panel.

3. Connect the TV power cable back into the socket while holding the “Power” button on the physical control panel.

Turn on the Insignia TV.

4. Release the “Power” button when the TV welcome screen appears.

5. Give the Android TV time to load the Android Recovery Mode.

All Android phones and tablets have the recovery mode, and it has similar options.

6. Now, you have multiple options on the screen. Do not press any button and read the guide first.

7. Use the navigation controls on the TV physical control panel.

8. Choose the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option.

9. Press and hold the “Power” button to activate the option.

The factory reset process begins when you press the power button.

10. You have to keep holding the button until the text color changes to a green color scheme.

That’s how the Android system confirms the action.

11. Release the power button when the confirmation message appears on the screen.

12. Sit back and relax.

Android system automates the process, and you don’t have to do anything.

13. Wait until it says “Wipe data process complete 100%” on the screen.

14. Use the TV physical control panel and choose the “Reboot System Now” option.

15. Press and hold the Power button to initiate the reboot process.

Release the button when the “Reboot” turns into the green color scheme. Insignia Smart TVs have physical navigation controls, and you can use them to reset the software in a few seconds. Read the guide twice before performing the reset. You will find reboot system now, wipe data/factory reset, apply update from USB, wipe cache partition, etc. We don’t want you to choose the wrong setting and make the unit unusable.

Factory Reset Insignia Smart TV with Remote Control

The remote control makes the reset process easier for non-technical users. The software has a user-friendly interface, and it has quick settings. We will use the Android TV OS settings to reset the operating system.

1. Turn on the Insignia TV.

2. Pick up the remote and use the navigation buttons to view the “Settings” window.

3. Select the “System” and scroll down to find the “Reset to Default” option.

4. Select “Advanced System Settings” from the options.

5. Select “Factory Reset” located at the bottom of the settings.

6. Select the “Factory Reset everything” option.\

7. Select “Yes” to confirm and initiate the reset process.

8. Let the Insignia Android software begins the process.

9. Sit back and relax.

10. The setup screen appears in a few minutes.

A system reset is complete when the setup screen appears. You have to set up the TV as a new device and login into the account using the Amazon or Google account credentials.

Find Physical Reset Button

Insignia TV makers have added a physical button on the rear side. TV owners should find the physical button using a flashlight, and the button should reset near the USB ports. All TV models have different chassis, so I can’t give you the exact location of the information. The manufacturer printed the name, so try to find “Reset” on the rear side. Let me show you how to reset the Smart TV using the physical button.

1. Pick up a ball pen.

2. Reposition the TV on a comfortable side.

3. Turn on the TV and keep it on Home Screen.

4. Use the ball pen to press and hold the “Reset” button for thirty seconds.

5. Release the physical button after thirty seconds.

The company programmed the physical button to perform the reset without confirmation. The software begins the wiping process and waits for the setup screen. Setup the TV once the software restored the Android TV to default settings.

Reset Insignia Smart TV Remote

Many TV owners have reported the broken remote control or non-working buttons. Unfortunately, the company has never programmed the remote controller, and it doesn’t have a reset button. The microprocessor inside the device could be faulty, or the half buttons are not working. However, you can repair a remote control using the traditional method or buy a replacement.

1. Buy new batteries from a reputed brand like Duracell.

2. Remove the old batteries from the remote.

3. Let the device rest for half an hour.

4. Disassemble the device and give a cleaning.

5. Use a dry cloth and remove debris, dust, and grime from the PCB chip.

6. Clean the rubber part.

7. Assemble the remote.

8. Put the new batteries.

The remote should work. Buy a replacement unit if the remote is faulty. You can find universal remotes from the market for a lower price. I spent $3 and purchased an aftermarket remote from the store. It has been seven months, and it’s working flawlessly.

Bottom Line

I have shown you multiple ways to reset the Insignia Smart TV with remote control and without a remote control. I have covered the remote control reset tutorial for the concerned users. Many Smart TV models don’t have a physical reset button, and some Insignia variants have it. Let us know which method you used to reset the Insignia TV in the comment section below.

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