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How to Install Stock Firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool!!

What is stock firmware?

A Stock ROM/Firmware is nothing but an official software designed by the device manufacturer. There are various types of stock firmware as mentioned below:

  • Truly Stock ROMs / firmware: This type of stock firmware does not witness any cosmetic/functional changes in its code by hardware manufacturers. The only types of modifications such firmware can witness include device-specific support changes made to the firmware to run it on the particular device. Truly stock ROM or firmware can be found when both the device and the operating system is built by the same company. One example can be firmware found on Apple’s iOS devices.
  • Manufacturer or Carrier branded Stock ROM / Firmware: A Manufacturer or Carrier branded Stock ROM / Firmware is a kind of stock firmware that has witnessed interface enhancements, modifications, and manufacturer-specific application installations. Most of the Android and Symbian devices fall under this category, along with most of the Windows Phone 7 devices. In the case of Windows, the changes are made from the truly stock firmware are very less and limited to the addition of external apps only.
Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool

How to Install Stock Firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool:

To use XperiFirm, the following are the prerequisite required:

  • Windows XP SP3: [button type="3d" color="RED" target="" link=""]NET Framework 4.0[/button] (Not officially supported)
  • Windows Vista/7: [button type="3d" color="RED" target="" link=""]NET Framework 4.6 RC[/button]
  • Windows 8/8.1/10: Pre-installed.

Downloading the stock firmware

  1. Download XperiFirm from Here. [button type="3d" color="RED" target="" link=""]Download XpeiFirm[/button]
  2. Extract the XperiFirm zip file and you will receive a XperiFirm.exe executable file ready to use. No need to install anything else.
  3. Double click on the executable file to run it, and then select the Sony Xperia device (the one where you wish to install stock firmware) from the list of devices displayed on the left. Select your region. Next, click on the firmware version of Available Firmware shown on the right.
  4. You will then be presented with the firmware details along with an option to Download the same. You can go ahead and download it.
  5. When you are downloading the firmware, make sure that you are downloading only for your model number and variant. Let’s say you own a Xperia Z3 (D6603), then only download the firmware builds found only under D6603.
  6. Save the file in your system. You can choose the location as per your preference.
  7. When the downloading is done, you see the following message on your screen: “Unpacked Successfully!” Just click OK.
  8. The message “Unpacked successfully!” message will appear on the download dialog box. Click “Close” to proceed to next part of creating FTF file from stock firmware.

Creating FTF file from stock firmware

  1. Here we will be using the Flashtool. Open the Flashtool and go to Tools>Bundles>Create.Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool
  2. You will need to select the folder, into which you downloaded the firmware, as the source folder.
  3. Double-click the Device field to select the concerned device.
  4. In branding, type the name you want to be associated with your firmware.
  5. You will have to give a version number next.Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool
  6. It is generally recommended that you use the original firmware name and version number. As this makes it easy to recognize the same later.
  7. Next, you will see 2 columns. Select all the files from the left column and click on the right arrow button. This will move them all into the right column. To select multiple files, in this case, click on one file and then press and hold the shift key and press the down arrow till all files are selected.
  8. When you have copied all files, click Create.
  9. You will need to wait for some time. Here the Flashtool is creating a compatible FTF firmware file which can be flashed onto the concerned device with the flashtool.
  10. Once the creation is done, go to C:\users\<yourusername>\.flashtool\firmwares\ and check if the FTF file that you just created is located within. You should find it there.

Flashing stock firmware using Flashtool

  1. Now it’s time to flash this FTF firmware file that you just created. Start by clicking on the flash icon on the flashtool.
  2. Select Flashmode in the dialogue box that appears and click OK.Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool
  3. A new Window will display the firmware files present in the flashtool firmware folder on the left side. You will need to select the FTF file you created earlier.
  4. On the right side of the window, under Wipe, tick DATA, CACHE, and APPSLOG options. In case you are using Flashtool version or older, make sure that you also tick the SIMLOCK option as well. For versions lower than, ensure that the SIMLOCK option is not ticked.
  5. Click on the Flash option.Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool
  6. This might take a while. Sometimes it can take more than a couple of minutes even. Once the flashing process is done, you will be prompted to connect your device/phone.
  7. The concerned phone/device needs to be connected in Flashmode. You will have to turn the device off, press and hold the Volume Down key, and connect the USB cable to your device. The LED on your device should turn green now.
  8. If the device/phone is connected without any fault, then the flashing process should begin instantly. Make sure the connection is not loose. Also, if the process fails, see if the FTP file created is corrupt.
  9. The flashing can also take a while depending on the compatibility of your phone/device, the USB port, and the connecting cable.
  10. Once the entire process is accomplished, you will receive a message alerting the same.Stock firmware on Sony Xperia using Xperifirm and Flashtool
  11. The flashtool will flash you the messages for the consequent steps. Do exactly as it says.
  12. Turn your phone/device on. Your brand new stock firmware should be ready to boot up as soon as you turn your device on. When you are booting for the first time with the new stock firmware, it might take a couple of minutes. So wait for some time before panicking out and thinking that you made some mistake! Else, you are done.


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