How to Install VPN on Your Fire TV Stick

Today accessing web content for entertainment has become very easy and affordable. Also, all that entertainment comes in HD quality and 4K. No wonder people are happily subscribing to these contents and the content providing platforms such as Amazon. This brings us to the interesting gadgets Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV. These are one of the first favorites of the public that craves for streaming HD quality.

However, amidst all that affordable technicality, there is a twist. Unless you are someone residing in the US, you will have no access to the contents that the Amazon Fire TV stick can stream. Yes, this means a geological restriction. Is there a way to overcome this..? Of course, this where the concept of VPN will enter into the scene. Yes, by using a VPN we can access the contents getting streamed. In this guide, we have explained in detail how to install a VPN on Fire TV Stick.

Install VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Install VPN on Your Fire TV Stick

There are various benefits of using a VPN. ISPs and any other body won’t be able to trace your web usage. Again, serving the main purpose you get access to your choice of restricted content. Depending upon what VPN application you will use you will get a stable internet connection as well.

Selecting an Efficient VPN

Most importantly, the VPN should support the device and offer a wide variety of options for choosing aliases. It should offer stable connectivity. While using the app, the connection should not go out frequently.

Keep in mind that the VPN location by which your device will bypass regulation you will use must be some region within the US. This is required because we want to access content that is limited to the States. So, select a VPN that provides options for selecting and using multiple regions of the US.

Also, make sure that the VPN has a kill switch. Let me explain. In case the VPN server your device is connected to goes down for some connectivity issue, then data will be transmitted without encryption. This is bound to happen as the VPN is down. So, having a kill switch simply assures no transmission of data over the webspace until your device reconnects back to the VPN server.

Another important point to remember is the no-log policy of VPN. The application should not keep a record of what its client is accessing.


I suggest that whatever VPN you use, download it from their official website. Do go through the genuine user reviews to know in details about the features of the concerned VPN.

Installing the VPN on your Fire TV Stick

There are two ways to install your choice of VPN. Either you download the application from the Amazon App store or download APK and install it manually. We will discuss both the methods.

From the App Store

  • Go the App store of the TV Stick
  • Search for your choice of VPN
  • If it is listed over there, download and install it
  • Sign in to your account (you must have to create a new account if you install the app for the first time)
  • Set the region (must be in the US)

Direct Downloading the APK Manually

Here is the second method.

  • Search for the Downloader App and Download it to the Fire TV Stick
  • Install and launch the Downloader
  • Search on the internet over official/trusted sites for APK download links for your choice of VPN.
  • Copy the APK download link and paste it in the URL box of the Downloader app
  • Post download, the VPN should now be in the Settings segment (as you used Downloader to download the APK)
  • Under Settings,> click Applications
  • Click Manage Installed Applications
  • Locate the VPN and launch it
  • Sign in and choose your choice of region.

So, that’s how you can install a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. We hope that you found the guide useful.

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