Fix: iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

Majority of users are facing this issue where their iPhone auto lock not working in iOS 16. It can be a frustrating problem when your iPad or iPhone auto lock fails to function properly, but worry not, as there are a couple of troubleshooting methods to solve this issue. Apple devices are popular in the smartphone industry with millions of users worldwide. With its range of features and functionalities, it has become the go-to device for many people across all demographics. One of the most essential features of the iPhone is privacy features which doesn’t allow any third person to access your phone. This comes in many forms, and your iPhone auto lock is one of them.

Auto-lock feature in iPhone helps to conserve battery life and protect the phone from unauthorized access. Many users of iOS 16 have reported that they are facing issues with the auto lock features and reporting it to fail to work properly. This can be a major concern for individuals as their iPhones may contain sensitive or personal data which they want to protect with auto lock. There could be many reasons on why the iPhone auto lock is not working on iOS 16. Below in this guide, we will explore some factors behind the auto lock feature and tell you some working methods to fix the same.

Fix iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

Fix: iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

Modern smartphones such as iPhone are our day to day personal devices where we store all sorts of personal and sensitive data. This may include your SMS history, call records, photos, and other multimedia items. All of this sensitive data is protected with the iPhone auto lock system. But according to multiple user complaints, this feature is not working properly on many devices running on iOS 16 and above. Below are some troubleshooting methods you shall use to fix the issue on your end.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone

In most cases, the scenario of iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16 is due to a technical glitch. Such glitches are quite common in iOS 16 beta updates and can happen a number of times. However, the issue can be fixed with a simple device restart. In case you are facing this issue frequently, we recommend you to restart your iPhone and see if this helps.

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Method 2: Re-enable Auto Lock on iPhone

According to many phone experts, the issue of auto lock not working may be due to a technical glitch in the settings panel. The new settings app in iOS 16 is quite buggy and does not work perfectly. It might be the case if you have enable the auto lock feature, but it actually did not turn on. To make sure the feature works perfectly, you have to re-enable the auto lock feature on your iPhone. To re-enable Auto Lock on your iPhone, please follow these steps:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Display & Brightness tab.
  • Here go to the Auto lock feature and enable it.

  • Below the feature, you will see a list of time intervals for your iPhone screen to automatically lock. Sometimes we choose the incorrect time out option here, so make sure to choose the 30 seconds times here.

iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

  • Once you are done, exit the settings app and restart your iPhone.

Majority of users have shared their feedback on this method, that it works once you configure the correct time, i.e. 30 seconds or 1 minute. Many users accidentally choose the “never” option here which automatically disables the auto lock feature even if it’s turned on. So, be sure to choose the correct timeout option.

Method 3: Turn Off Passcode & Turn It Back On

Due to a technical bug in iOS 16, many users who have passcode turned on as a locking mechanism, are not able to use the auto lock feature. However, once you turn the lock off and re-configure the lock options, the auto lock feature will start to function properly. Follow the steps below to Turn Off Passcode & Turn It Back On:

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Face ID & Passcode.

  • Here scroll down to find the “Turn Passcode Off” option and turn it off completely.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to confirm the action.

  • Once done, restart your iPhone.
  • Open the settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Face ID & Passcode.

iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

  • Scroll down to find the “Turn Passcode On” option and turn it On.

iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

  • You will be asked to enter a new passcode. Follow the instructions to set a secure passcode for your iPhone. Confirm the new passcode by entering it again.
  • Once you complete all the steps, the auto lock feature will start working again.

Method 4: Turn Off Low Power Mode

When Low Power Mode is enabled, it can affect certain features, including Auto Lock. Many users have complained that the auto lock features stop working only when they have turned on the low power mode. Below are the steps to Turn Off Low Power Mode on your iPhone.

  • Open the settings app and navigate to Battery tab.
  • Here, scroll down till you find the low power mode.

  • Move the slider to disable the low power mode.
  • The slider will turn gray, indicating that it is disabled.

Once you’ve turned off Low Power Mode, your iPhone will resume normal power management behavior. It will no longer conserve battery, so make sure to use this method judiciously.

Method 5: Disable AssistiveTouch on iPhone

Assistive touch is a special feature on iPhone that allows users to avoid using physical buttons. However, enabling this feature automatically disables the auto lock feature. So, it’s important that you disable this feature if not needed.

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  • Open the settings app and navigate to Accessibility> Touch tab.

iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

  • Here scroll under the Physical and Motor section until you find the AssistiveTouch feature.

  • Open the AssistiveTouch page and make sure to turn off the feature.

Once you’ve disabled AssistiveTouch, it will no longer be active on your iPhone. The floating AssistiveTouch button and its associated features will be turned off.

Method 6: Reset All Settings

If the above methods do not help you much, then the issue might be with the settings configurations. Sometimes, iPhone settings configuration may clash with important system functions which may lead to issues like iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16. But do not worry, as you can easily rest all settings on your iPhone to fix the issue. Here’s how:

  • Open the settings app and navigate to General > Reset tab.
  • Here choose the reset all settings option.

iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16

  • A warning message will appear along with your final confirmation to reset all settings on your iPhone.
  • Confirm the action by entering your Apple ID Password or passkey.

  • Once done, your iPhone will restart automatically and will reset all settings.

After your iPhone restarts, you’ll find that all settings have been reset to their default values, including network settings, display settings, privacy settings, and more. But rest assured, as your personal data, apps, and media will not be affected by this settings reset.

Method 7: Update iOS Version

If none of the above methods seems to help you, then the problem is entirely with the iOS operating system. Due to multiple beta updates, many users are facing the auto lock issue, and you are not alone. But thankfully, Apple has released several software update as well as patch updates which address the issues. So make sure you update your iPhone to the latest iOS 16.4 version.

Method 8: Restore iPhone via iTunes

For those people who are not willing to update their iPhone to the latest version, can restore their iPhone to the older version to fix the Auto lock issues. This is only possible if you previously have taken a complete backup of your iPhone using the iTunes software. If you did, simply connect your iPhone to iTunes software and select your device, and choose the option to restore it. This will erase all your personal data on your iPhone and will restore it to the previous saved backup.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing iPhone Auto Lock Not Working in iOS 16. Please note that the issue is common for iOS 16 users, and it is recommended to update your iPhone to the latest version for better security & privacy. In case you are not comfortable to update the OS, the above methods shall help you to fix the problem locally. Let us know if you face any challenges while following the above processes or have any other questions in the comment box below.

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