Fix: ITVX Keeps Freezing or Stopping on TV

The ITVX streaming platform offers a wide variety of programming, including TV shows, movies, and other video content. It can sometimes be frustrating to use ITVX on your TV because it keeps freezing up or stopping. ITVX keeps freezing or stopping can be caused by a few common reasons, and we’ll provide some tips to fix it.

Fix: ITVX Keeps Freezing or Stopping on TV

Why ITVX Keeps Freezing or Stopping on TV?

It is possible for ITVX to keep freezing on TV for a number of reasons, including:

  1. If your TV is overloaded with apps or connected to too many devices, ITVX videos may freeze or stop if it becomes overloaded.
  2. You must cache ITVX video content on your TV before it can play smoothly. Insufficient storage space on your TV can prevent video data from being cached, resulting in ITVX freezing.
  3. Video playback may become unstable with outdated or corrupted data in the ITVX app, resulting in the video freezing or stopping. This can be caused by a corrupted or outdated app.
  4. The smooth playback of videos on ITVX is made impossible when you have a slow internet connection. Slow internet connections can result in ITVX video freezing or stopping due to a lack of video data being loaded quickly enough.

How to Fix ITVX Keeps Freezing or Stopping on TV

So, in case you are facing the ITVX Keeps Freezing or Stopping on TV issue, here are some methods that will help you resolve this problem:

Fix 1: Slow Internet Connection

There is also a possibility of ITVX keeps freezing or stopping on TV because of a slow internet connection. Because ITVX is a video streaming service, it requires a fast and stable internet connection in order to play videos smoothly. ITVX videos may not load quickly if your internet connection is slow or unreliable, causing the video to freeze or stop.

It is recommended that you regularly check your internet speed and make sure it meets the minimum requirements for streaming video in order to prevent ITVX freezing or to stop on TV due to a slow internet connection. If needed, you may also want to move your TV closer to your router or upgrade your internet plan.

You may also encounter problems with your internet connection due to other devices on your network using bandwidth. You may need to turn off devices that use a lot of bandwidth, limit the number of devices connected to the network, or pause devices that are constantly on.

Fix 2: Outdated or corrupt app

In addition, an outdated or corrupt ITVX application may cause the video to freeze or stop on TV. In order to ensure that the ITVX app is functioning properly, it needs to be updated regularly on your TV.

Using an outdated ITVX app on your TV might not work with the latest version of the streaming service. A faulty app may be unable to handle the latest video codecs or streaming protocols, resulting in the video freezing or stopping.

It is also possible for ITVX to freeze or stop on TV if app data is corrupted. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, such as software bugs, malware, or hardware issues. Video playback can be stopped or frozen by a corrupted app, resulting in an unstable video playback experience.

Regularly checking for app updates and installing them, as necessary, will prevent outdated or corrupt apps from causing ITVX to freeze or stop. You may also want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the ITVX app on your TV, which may solve any corruption issues.

Fix 3: Overloading the device

It is also common for ITVX to freeze or stop on TV when the device becomes overloaded. There are many apps and features that can be run simultaneously on your TV because it is essentially a computer. In order to play the video smoothly on your TV, your TV needs memory and processing power. You can, however, overload your TV if you are running other apps or features in the background, resulting in slow performance or even freezing of the ITVX video if you are running other apps or features.

Your TV needs to allocate resources to run both the ITVX app and the other app if you’re browsing the internet or playing a video game while watching ITVX. In this case, ITVX may freeze or stop because it is putting a strain on the TV’s memory and processing power.

Whenever you’re watching ITVX, it’s recommended that you close any other apps or features running in the background to prevent overloading your device. The ITVX app will enjoy smoother and more stable playback once this memory and processing power have been freed up.

Fix 4: Insufficient storage

It is also common for ITVX to freeze or stop TV due to insufficient storage. You must cache video data on your TV when watching video content to ensure smooth playback. Insufficient storage space on your TV can lead to ITVX freezing or stopping if the video data cannot be cached.

You should keep track of how much storage is available on your TV, as it has a smaller storage capacity than a computer or smartphone. Your TV may not be able to cache the video data properly if you run low on storage, resulting in ITVX freezing or stopping.

In order to avoid ITVX freezing or stopping due to insufficient storage, you should regularly check your TV’s storage space and delete unnecessary files and apps. You may need to invest in an external hard drive or a cloud storage service if you still do not have enough space on your TV.

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It can be frustrating when ITVX freezes or stops on your TV, but it’s usually caused by a simple problem that you can easily fix. It doesn’t matter if your internet connection is slow, if your internet app is outdated or corrupt, if your device is overloaded, or if your storage is insufficient.

So, that’s how to fix the ITVX that keeps freezing or stopping on TV. We hope that this guide has helped you. Furthermore, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know.


  1. My series 5 – 49” Samsung TV approx 7 years old; freezes regularly. I have fibre broadband and a 1Gb memory stick.

    What could be the cause?

  2. As above so frustrating when adverts
    Come on can’t get back into the series
    Keeps freezing

  3. So frustrating None! None of the other channels freeze. ITVX does not freeze or buffer during the program itself. It is only the adverts on ITVX that freeze.
    It is so bad on some occasions that we give up and watch another channel, thus ITVX not fit for purpose.

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