Download and Install LineageOS 17 / 17.1 Gapps for supported device

Updated on March 18, 2020: Today we have added the unofficial version of OpenGapps fix which you can use it on Lineage OS 17.1 GSI Build.

Google has recently launched the official Android 10 (aka Android Q) as the 10th generation of Android OS. It offers plenty of new features and system improvements. As we all know that Linux-based Android is an open-source platform. Therefore, anyone can develop or use Android OS. It’s quite easy and customizable as well. Now, after launching the Android 10, LineageOS developers are developing Android 10 based Custom ROMs which is known as LineageOS 17. You can download and install LineageOS 17 Gapps for the supported devices.

In order to enjoy the full Android operating system and user interface, the Google service, framework, and Google apps are required. Now, most of the Custom ROMs for Android doesn’t come with any preloaded GApps file. That’s why users have to install the GApps package (zip) manually on their devices via any Custom Recovery.

LineageOS 17 is based on the Android 10 system source code. This is the most stable and popular Android Custom ROM which was previously known as CyanogenMod. The same group of developers is working hard to develop the build. The Custom Firmware is close to Stock Android UI with lots of customizations and UI changes. You can’t customize too much on a Stock ROM. However, some times customizing or modding a system can cause issues on a Custom Firmware.

Download and Install LineageOS 17 Gapps for supported device

What is GApps?

GApps is known for Google Applications. It basically offers the Google Play Services, Stock Google Apps, and framework in order to work the Android system properly. If you’re using an Android device then Google Apps will require most of the times.

The GApps package includes the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Calendar, Phone, Messages, YouTube, Maps, Google Play Movies, Play Music, and more. If your phone is already running with these apps, then you don’t need to install the Gapps package. Most Custom ROMs come with the GApps package except Pixel Experience ROM.

LineageOS 17 GApps

If you’re using any Custom ROM or used earlier then you may know about LineageOS. The latest LineageOS 17 version is based on new Android 10 (aka Android Q) OS version. Therefore, if you want to use LineageOS 17 Custom ROM on your device, you have to flash the GApps package as well.

Download Gapps For LineageOS 17

How to Install Official Gapps For LineageOS 17 ROM:

Before going to the installation steps, let’s take a look at the pre-requirements.


  • Make sure to charge the device 60% or above.
  • Take a Backup of your device without Root.
  • Should be installed  TWRP or CWM Custom Recovery on your device.
  • The GApps package will work on LineageOS 17 (Android 10) ROM.

Installation Steps:

  • First of all, download and move the Android 10 Gapps for LineageOS 17 to internal storage [root folder].
  • Now, boot your device into TWRP Recovery.
  • Tap on the Install button.

  • Search for the downloaded Gapps zip file in the internal storage.
  • Select the file by tapping on it.

  • Now, swipe to confirm the flash.
  • You can reboot your device.
  • That’s it.

Hope this guide is helpful to you and you have easily installed the GApps for LineageOS 17.


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