Lineage OS 20: Downloads, Features, and Update Tracker

After the recent release of LineageOS 19 based on Android 12, developers are heading towards LineageOS 20 development. As an aftermarket firmware, LineageOS has its own userbase and features more than any other custom firmware in the market. Android 12 is also the latest stable version in the market right now that offers a bunch of features and improvements. Here we’ll gonna share details about LineageOS 20 Downloads, Features, and Update Tracker.

LineageOS 20: Downloads, Features, and Update Tracker

LineageOS is known for almost stable Custom ROM based on AOSP build for a bunch of devices that offer customizations and OTA updates pretty well. Interested Android device users can easily get out of the heavy and bloated stock firmware that comes out of the box by flashing the LineageOS ROM. It brings plenty of customizations and users can also install root access apart from installing custom modules. LineageOS also offers firmware updates.

LineageOS 20: Downloads, Features, and Update Tracker

Lineage OS 20: Downloads, Features, and Update Tracker

The newly released LineageOS 19 (Android 12) brings plenty of new features and other improvements to the users. It includes an updated security patch version, updated WebView version to Chromium, improved volume panel, improved AOSP Gallery app, improved LineageOS updater app, etc. While it also brings a web browser, recorder app, Android TV build, etc have been improved apart from the enabled dark mode by default.

Additionally, Android 12 styled icons, themes, animations, visual elements, plenty of configurable pages, etc have been added to the LineageOS 19 ROM. You can check out detailed info on the official LineageOS Blog.

Now, talking about the LineageOS 20 ROM, there is no official announcement available yet by the developers. We’ll have to wait for the unofficial builds first to at least get an idea of what kind of UI elements will gonna look like and how the software will work based on Android 13. Currently, Google is running the Android 13 OS Public Beta build to the eligible Pixel devices officially for the beta testing phase. We’ll have to wait for the Android 13 platform stability.

Android 13 Features

Android 13 (codenamed: Tiramisu) is the upcoming latest Android OS version as a successor of Android 12 that will gonna released officially in August-September 2022 by Google. It brings design changes, auto theming icons. cinematic wallpapers, Material You theme, alternative lock screen clock, updated ‘now playing’ widget, more intuitive QR scanner, native Bluetooth LE Audio support, improved silent mode, tap to transfer media controls, and more.

Android 13 also features an enhanced audio output selector, per-app multi-lingual options, improved clipboard presentation, smart home controls, improved privacy & security updates, private photo picker, NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES, notifications permissions, Fast Pair option, etc out of the box. As a couple of builds are still pending to arrive in the upcoming months, more & more improvements will gonna be implemented for sure.

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