Fix: Logitech G923 Not Recognized by Any Games

Logitech G923 is one of the best game controllers out there that lets you play games like the Forza Horizon franchise, Snowrunner, GRID (2019), and others. It comes with advanced firmware that monitors input by the user and translates it into an in-game performance that makes driving cars in the game much like a first-hand experience where you are actually driving the cars.

I know Logitech G923 is all good but there are some users who have complained about some issues with it. Turns out some users are facing Logitech G923 not recognized by any games, which is annoying. Some users say the issue is limited to a specific game while others say it is across all the games available in the Game Library. Check out the troubleshooting guide you can use to fix Logitech G923 not recognized by any games issue.

Logitech G923

#1: Verify connections

Since you are required to connect the Logitech G923 controller with the Xbox or PC as well as make sure there’s a connection between the steering wheel and the pedals as well. Thus, there are many connections to make here so you need to make sure these connections are secure. Once the controller is connected to the system, you should be able to see some kind of LED notifications on the steering wheel. The Logitech G923 PS edition has an LED light on top while the RPM LEDs for the Xbox version will be all lit up. Make sure all the connections are secure but not too tight or too loose.

#2: Disable Steam Inputs

A user reported that the Logitech G923 controller isn’t recognized on Breakfast although any other games on PC recognize it without any hassle. Apparently, disabling Steam Inputs does help for users on PC playing games via Steam. Here’s how you can do it.

  • On the Game Library on Steam, right-click on the particular game using a mouse and go to “Game Properties”.
  • Next, go to Controller and then, select “Steam Input Per-Game Setting (Requires restart of the game)”.

Disable Steam Inputs

  • Turn it to “Forced Off”.
  • Restart Steam and the game and check if doing so made any difference in your case.

#3: Calibrate controller with Logitech G Hub

The Logitech G923 controller lets you play many games offering first-hand experience in racing cars and more. However, users have reported that the Logitech G923 controller is not being recognized in some games for some reason. Anyways, it is time to recalibrate the controller so that it works seamlessly.

  • First up, launch Logitech G Hub.
  • Ensure that both the steering wheel and the pedals when testing it out.
  • If the app detects a controller connected to the system, it will be automatically displayed on the home screen. Tap on “G923”.
  • Tap on Steering Wheel from the navigation pane on the extreme left and move the steering wheel in actuality. Your action must be relayed on-screen in real-time.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the pedals.
  • Next up, press the Ctrl+R and search for “joy.cpl” and hit enter.


  • This should open the Game Controllers dialog box where you need to select the controller by highlighting it and going to its Properties.
  • Calibrate the controllers using the on-screen instructions and this should help calibrate the controller.
  • Launch any game and check whether Logitech G923 did not recognize issue on any game is fixed or not.

#4: Make sure Steam detects it

This is pretty important, to be honest. Steam must detect the Logitech G923 so that you can play games on it without any hassle. Here’s how you can verify it.

  • Launch Steam client on your system.
  • Tap on Steam from the topmost menu bar and proceed to its Settings.
  • On the left-hand side, select “Controller” from the Settings sub-menu.
  • Under “Controller Configuration” on the right-hand side of the screen, tap on “General Controller Settings”.
  • Ensure that the first given boxes are unchecked. Next up, check for “Detected Controllers” that should show “Logitech G HUB G923 Racing Wheel…” which means it is surely detecting the controller.
  • Reboot the system and check if the problem is resolved or not.

#5: Update the drivers

You need to make sure that the game controller driver is updated as it increases general stability and makes sure that the hardware (game controller in this case) is working properly. Here’s how you can update the driver.

  • Firstly, go on “Start Menu” by pressing the “Windows” button.
  • Search for “Device Manager” and launch it.

Device Manager

  • Scroll to find “Sound, video, and game controllers” and expand it.
  • Go to the Logitech G923 game controller and highlight it.
  • Next up, right-click on it using the mouse and select “Update Driver Software”.
  • Search for the updates automatically or if you have downloaded the driver patch from Logitech’s website, select the same.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be able to update the driver seamlessly.
  • Restart the PC and let the changes assimilate.

#6: Reinstall wheel using Registry Editor

The Registry Editor lets you tweak registry settings on Windows and can be of great help if you are stuck with an app or peripheral. Talking about the Logitech G923 not recognized issue, here’s what you can do on the Registry Editor to give it a nudge and fix the problem.

  • First up, hit the Windows + R buttons on the keyboard to open the Run command.

Run command

  • Type the command: “regedit” to open Registry Editor.
  • Use the following path to proceed:
    Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > MediaProperties > PrivateProperties > Joystick > OEM

Registry Editor WIndows

  • You need to have a VID handy which is a unique identifier to the controller such as C266 is for PS version and C26E is for Xbox version and so on.
  • Search for the last four digits in the registry, right-click on it and hit “Delete”.
  • Confirm the actions b pressing on “Yes”.
  • Next up, go to “View” on the menu bar and hit “Refresh”.
  • You should see the registry has a return marking that it is working properly.
  • Go to any game and verify if the problem is fixed or not.

Software Updates

Still figuring out why the Logitech G923 is not recognized on any games, there are a few things you will have to update. This includes the games that you are playing as they should be on the latest patch to run smoothly. Apart from that, make sure you update the Logitech G HUB on your device as well as the firmware of the system aka PC/Xbox/PS that makes sure it is upright and the issue is not borne out by outdated software.

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