Fix: Logitech MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel Not Working or Clicking

Logitech has been making some of the best computer peripherals for a very long time. Be it for gaming or for productivity, Logitech has a flagship product waiting for you, alongside many other budget offerings as well. The Logitech MX Master 3 is a great example of a productivity-focused peripheral done right. It does not have the fancies of a gaming mouse such as RGB or insane DPI numbers and instead focuses more on ergonomics and function over form.

The key highlights of the Logitech MX Master 3 include not one but two scroll wheels for maximum productivity. The side-mounted horizontal scroll wheel comes into use as a huge blessing when working in creative programs such as Premiere Pro or Audition. The MX Master 3 also comes with 3 different profiles that you can switch seamlessly between with the flick of a switch. Taking inspiration from the G502, the MX Master 3 also has a frictionless scrolling mode that lets you span over 1000 lines of text under a second.

However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, even with a premium mouse of this caliber. Tons of users who own the MX Master 3 have been complaining about the scroll wheel not working. On a mouse that has such a unique scrolling mechanism, it isn’t surprising to see such an issue arise. Fortunately, we have a couple of ways you can try to fix the annoying Logitech MX Master 3 scroll wheel not working issue.

MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel Not Working

Fix MX Master 3 Scroll Wheel Not Working Issue

There could only be a couple of reasons as to why you might be facing the Logitech MX Master 3 scroll wheel not working issue and the mouse could not be working properly due to this reason. We will be going over a few steps that will help you to troubleshoot the issue and find a working solution for this problem.

Fix 1: Clean any Dust in the Mouse

The number one reason why the scroll wheel on a mouse starts failing is due to the accumulation of dust near the scroll wheel area. The mechanism involved in the working of a scroll wheel is simple, but even a tiny amount of dust can cause the sensor to not register the scrolls properly. You can try using a can of compressed air to make sure all the dust inside has been removed. Alternatively, if you know what you’re doing, you can also disassemble the mouse yourself and clean the scroll wheel.

Fix 2: Ensure your Mouse is Turned On and Connected

The most probable explanation as to why your mouse’s scroll wheel might have suddenly stopped working could be because it isn’t turned on. Check the power switch on your mouse and ensure it’s set to the on position. Additionally, since the MX Master 3 has 3 different profiles to connect to different devices, make sure you have selected the correct channel for the device you’re trying to use the mouse on.

Fix 3: Reconnect your Mouse

A weak Bluetooth connection between your mouse and your device could also be causing you trouble while using the mouse. Simple disconnect your mouse on your computer or laptop and pair it again.

Fix 4: Use a different Cable

One of the reasons why you might not have been able to use your mouse could be because of a faulty charging cable. Try using another cable to see any positive results. If the problem still persists, try charging your mouse using a different device or adapter.

Fix 5: Install the Logitech G Hub Software

 Logitech G915 Keyboard Not Charging 1

While most Logitech products benefit from the customization power that comes with the G Hub software, it also sometimes acts as a downside since you need the program for some of the most basic things like updating your device’s firmware. If you don’t already have the Logitech G Hub software installed on your computer, head to their official website and grab the download file. Install the program, reboot your computer, and see if that fixes your issue.

Fix 6: Update your Mouse’s Firmware

 Logitech G915 Keyboard Not Charging 2

The mid and high-tier products from Logitech’s catalog receive frequent firmware updates that bring the quality of life improvements and additional features. The updates also fix several bugs that have been reported in the past. Launch the Logitech G Hub software, click on your MX Master 3 mouse, and check to see if your device has any firmware updates available. If there is one, we recommend you install it since the update might fix any bugs that could have been preventing you from properly using your mouse.

Fix 7: Repair/Reinstall Logitech G Hub

Another huge reason that might cause the infamous MX Master 3 scroll wheel not working issue is a faulty app install of the G Hub software. This is quite a common occurrence and happens when you shut your computer down right when the app was updating. Luckily, the Logitech G Hub software comes with a nifty little repair tool that scans all the installation files, finds the faulty ones, and redownloads them to fix the malfunctioning app. Additionally, you can simply uninstall and reinstall the G Hub software for an even cleaner installation.

Fix 8: Contact Logitech Support

If you’ve followed all the fixes provided above and still haven’t had luck with your mouse, then this could very well be a hardware issue that cannot be fixed by you. You can try contacting Logitech support and send in your mouse for a repair or replacement if you still have the bill.


We hope our guide on how to fix the Logitech MX Master 3 scroll wheel not working issue was helpful to you. If you have any tips other than what we’ve mentioned, do let the other readers know in the comments below! If you have any queries regarding the guide, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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