Mac Studio Not Sleeping, How to Fix?

The Mac Studio is a desktop that has been launched by Apple for users who do heavy tasking. The Mac Studio can be said as the CPU which you can use with other hardware to assemble a customized PC. It comes with a lot of features and runs on macOS. The starting price of the Mac Studio is ₹1,89,900. You will be getting a lot of features with it and will be able to do heavy tasking with the Mac Studio.

However, there are some reports coming that the Mac Studio is not sleeping. Users have reported this problem and now they are searching for solutions on the internet. So, we are here with the guide where we’ll tell you how to fix this issue.

How To Fix Mac Studio Not Sleeping Problem

Why is Mac Studio Sleep Mode Not Working?

Your Mac’s sleep mode might be not working due to several reasons. There may be some interruptions that might be causing your Mac Studio due to which it is not sleeping. So, we will be listing out the possibility of the same.

  • Incorrect Sleep Settings
  • Interfering Bluetooth Devices
  • Sharing Preferences
  • Running Apps
  • Hardware Problem
  • Software Problem

How To Fix Mac Studio Not Sleeping Problem?

We are here with the methods which you can follow to fix the issue which is causing your Mac Studio. As the issues might be caused to you due to incorrect sleep settings, or devices that might be interfering in the sleep mode. So, we will mention the correct settings by which you can fix this problem.

Check System’s Sleep Settings 

The first thing that you have to do is check the sleep settings of the Mac. So, follow the steps which are given below to fix this issue.

  • Click on the Apple Menu.
  • Select the System Preferences.
  • Now, click on Energy Saver.
  • Make sure that the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep are not set to the Never option.
  • Also, uncheck the Wake For Network Access option, so that other users can’t disturb the Mac Studio.

Check Connected Bluetooth Devices

There are possibilities that you might be using Bluetooth devices like Mouse, Keyboard, or other devices through which it is interfering with Mac’s sleep. For Example, if you are pressing any button then the Mac will wake up.

  •  Open System Preferences.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Now, click on Advanced.
  • Uncheck the option of Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer.

Check System Sharing Preferences

We will suggest you check the system sharing preferences as these are also reasons for interfering with the sleep of the Mac.

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Now, click on Sharing.
  • Deselect the service which you don’t need on your Mac Studio.

Check System Activity

We will suggest you check the processes which are running in the background due to which the Mac has to wake up.

  • Open the Finder Window.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Now, navigate to Utilities.
  • Select Activity Monitor.
  • Click the CPU Button at the top.
  • Now, stop the apps which are running in the background.

Disconnect The External Devices 

If you are using external devices like a faulty hard driver, pen driver, or other similar things on your Mac, then disconnect all of them to let the Mac go to Sleep. Many users have reported that they have connected an external device due to which they were facing this issue with their Mac Studio.

Reset The NVRAM and SMC

So, if you are still facing the issue then it’s time to reset the NVRAM and SMC on your Mac.


  • First of all, shut down the Mac.
  • Now, press and hold the Option + Command + P + R key for around 20 secs.
  • You will see that the Mac will restart.
  • Now, leave the key when you hear the second startup chime.
  • You have reset the NVRAM by doing this.


  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Unplug the Power Cord.
  • Wait for 15 seconds.
  • Now, plug in the power cord and wait 5 seconds.
  • After it, again turn on the Mac.

Check Spotlight Indexing

If the Spotlight is indexing files then the Mac Studio will not be able to Sleep. As Spotlight takes several times for indexing the files on your Mac. So, you can check how many files have been indexed by going to the top right of the menu bar. You will see the details of “Indexing” there.

Contact Customer Support

Even after doing this, if the Mac Studio is not sleeping then you need to contact customer support as they will help you in fixing this issue. There might be some software issues or hardware issues which they will analyze and fix it. So, visit your nearby service center to get this fixed.


The not sleeping problem of the Mac Studio might be annoying to you as due to this you have to again put it in the Sleep mode or you might have to turn it off. So, we have listed the methods through which you can easily fix this issue. So, make sure you follow all of them properly. Also, if you have fixed the same issue through any other methods then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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