How to Make Money and Get Rich in BitLife – Make 100 Million

BitLife, the life simulator game for Android and iOS, can be very addictive for players. The game allows you to live a second life in the digital world, where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of. If your goal is to become rich and have financial freedom, then you can do that in BitLife. You could also do it in real life, but it’s much easier in the game. In this BitLife guide, we’re going to show you how to make money and get rich in BitLife. There are a few professions or career paths that will help you earn more than 100 million dollars.

Make Money and Get Rich in BitLife

To cross the 100 million dollar mark, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow. In this guide, we’re going to discuss three ways to get rich. You can choose a high paying career, gambling, or become a real estate investor. These three paths will lead you to success, mostly, and get you to the 100 million dollar milestone.

How to Make Money and Get Rich in BitLife - Make 100 Million

A High Paying Career

If you start a career as an actor or a porn star, you’re on your way to making some big bucks. You don’t have to care about being smart, but you do have to work on your looks and fitness. Start your character with at least 80 percent good looks. After you’ve got the looks, you will need to start aging and meanwhile, ask your parents for some money. Save this money and use it to get a membership at a gym. Work on your body and remain fit as you graduate from high school. After that, start looking for a job in the acting industry and film studios.

Get a job and keep your looks above the 90 percent mark or try to keep it at 100 percent by working hard at the gym. You should also use the Salon and the Spa a few times a year. Keep on the lookout for positions that are better than what you’re currently doing. As soon as you find one, upgrade to the new position, or sometimes you could also get a promotion. Climb the ladder and get to jobs such as Lead Actor or a Porn Star. This is when you get the Fame Percentage bar, and you’re going to work on increasing the fame to earn more money.

You could join social media, send messages to people, and start gaining followers. Sometimes, you could get really big just by luck, which is a good thing. Once you’re famous and earning good money, use the fame to write books, do photoshoots or commercials, and other activities found in the Fame tab. These activities will increase your rating, and that will help you get more money. Most of these activities can be done only if you didn’t take the role of Porn Star. If you have a high percentage of fame, your commercials can make a lot of money and get you closer to the 100 million dollar mark. Keep doing all the above and continue hustling till you get there.

Real Estate

Another great way to make a million dollars in BitLife is to buy some real estate whenever you can. This is a great way of investing your money. When you have enough money, buy an expensive house and pay in cash. In BitLife, the real estate market is always appreciating. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be able to make good money when you sell your house. Sit on the real estate that you own for a couple of years or even longer. They will appreciate in value and make you a millionaire. If you pass them along to your kids by using the Will & Testament option in Activities and your Kids also decide to not sell it, then you could also become a billionaire after a while.

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You can also make a tonne of money if you’re good at gambling. However, this only works in the Android app. For some reason, the gambling feature was removed from the iOS version of BitLife. If you’re playing the game on Android, you can gamble your way to riches.

Gambling can make you rich overnight, but there is a lot of risks involved here. To start your career as a gambler, you will have to get to age 18 and then hit the blackjack tables in the Casino’s. When you win, you can bet higher. You can get to millions of dollars per hand in the game of blackjack. If your chances of winning are low in a game, then you can exit out and not lose any of your money. However, if you play foolish, then you will lose everything that you bet.

When you reach the Casino, and try to go to the same one every time, you should start with the highest bet. Play your hand, and if you win, leave the Casino. If you lose the game, then close the app (even from the background) and reopen it. Head back to the Casino again and bet higher to win higher. Continue doing this till you’re able to bet 10 million dollars per hand. This could lead to winning 100 million dollars.

And that’s how to make money and get rich in BitLife. We hope this guide has given you some insights into how you can play BitLife to your maximum advantage. There are several other ways to get rich, but these are the best. You can live your digital life the way you want and make 100 million dollars in BitLife. If you’ve reached this milestone, then do let us know how you did it using the comments section below.

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