MultiVersus Reindog Guide: Attacks, Perks, Unlocks, and Strategy

Reindog is a new character introduced in the crossover fighting game MultiVersus published by Warner Bros. This character is a hybrid of reindeer and dog. Because of its blue-green appearance and adorable looks, Reindog has caught the eyes of most MultiVersus players. Moreover, unlike the other characters featured in Multiverses, Reindog is a completely new one since it never appeared anywhere. Perhaps, we could also say that it is specifically introduced for the MultiVersus game only.

Being an original character, Reindog does have that MultiVersus fighting style, perks, and more. However, as players are least aware of this giant dog with a reindeer’s antlers, it gets rough to master its special moves and other abilities. Therefore, this article will specifically talk about the attacks, perks, unlocks, and strategies of Reindog in Multiverses. So, if you are having trouble controlling all the moves of this new character, this article will be a go-to place for you.

MultiVersus Reindog Guide Attacks, Perks, Unlocks, and Strategy

MultiVersus Reindog Guide: Attacks, Perks, Unlocks, and Strategy

Reindog comes with a few special moves, plus, there are some general strategies that apply to leveraging the use of this character. However, for a new character like Reindog, it is quite tough to get familiar with everything instantly. But in this MultiVersus Reindog guide, we will break down everything to the point where you can use them all in your gameplay efficiently.

How To Unlock Reindog in MultiVersus?

There are basically three ways to unlock Reindog. Unlocking this new character doesn’t take a lot but it might definitely test your patience level throughout. Here is how you can easily unlock Reindog in the game:

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  • The most basic way to unlock Reindog is by spending 3000 gold. You can earn gold in MultiVersus by playing the game, and completing missions and challenges.
  • Next, we can also unlock Reindog by using 700 MultiVersus Gleamium. MultiVersus Gleamium is the premium currency of the game and you cannot simply have it for free. Instead, you need to buy it in exchange for real money.
  • And the final way to unlock Reindog is through the character ticket that you can get through the Founder Packs.

Multiverses Reindog Attacks

Reindog has a few interesting attacks both ground and air that make the character a real gem. Here are all the Reindog attacks you need to know about.

1. Fireworks Master

Starting off with a decent but one of my personal favorite attacks is Reindog’s fireworks master. Now, this is a complete air attack performed by this character while in the air.

While performing this attack, Reindog can dive to either side and deliver a nice headbutt to its opponents. Although it’s neither Reindogs most powerful attack nor the most effective one, it is still a decent one and fits enough on a supporting character.

2. Love Leash

Love Leash is certainly the most interesting yet unique move Reindog has. This attack can greatly contribute to developing better strategies, especially when playing with a partner.

Love Leash basically binds Reindog with its partner through a rope. Fortunately, the rope doesn’t create any hindrance and both characters can move around freely and do their own job. But what’s more interesting about it is, on pressing the Neutral Special Command, Reindog can yank the Love Leash. Meaning, it will be able to pull its partner back with it.

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This power can be quite beneficial mostly in instances where the partner is falling apart or is in some danger. Reindog can instantly pull him out of the situation quite efficiently. Moreover, when this move is active, any opponent who touches the rope will suffer slow damage too.

3. Flounce Pounce

Very much like the fireworks master, Flounce Pounce is a similar attack where Reindog can pounce sideways while slashing its opponents. Even though the attack is not powerful enough, it still leaves a purple effect indicating it has penetrated through the armor.

So, it’s kind of a special move while fighting against opponents with armor as it can easily penetrate through. Rest, you won’t see any deadly damage, but overall it’s a cool move.

4. Flying Floof

Flying Floof is basically an Up, Air attack that turns out to be a great trick when used alongside a partner with synchronization. On performing this move, Reindog turns into a ball in the mid-air and then lands on the ground. But that is not the actual thing.

Instead of dropping it on the ground without dealing any damage, if the partner manages to pick it up and throw it toward the enemies, it turns into a potential weapon.

If thrown accurately on the enemies, it can deal massive damage. However, the move doesn’t do any good if you are playing solo. It only serves some purpose while having a partner to back you up.

5. Meteor

The next attack is Meteor, a down, air attack that basically does fire damage to its enemies. It is a fireball that Reindog spits from the air and travels at some angle hitting the ground.

On hitting the ground, the fireball creates flames and deals fire damage to its enemies. The damage done is moderate and it can be better used while you are on a higher platform than the others.

6. Power Crystal

This is yet another interesting attack that comes with this giant adorable dog. It allows Reindog to summon a crystal that spawns upwards Reindog’s head. It provides Reindog and all nearby allies with an electrical melee buff. On receiving that, you can even deal electrical damage to your opponents as well.

And that’s not all of it. The crystal will hold there for some more minutes firing lightning bolts to the ground. It will fire every time after a certain interval of time and will deal additional electrical damage to any opponents it hits. If used strategically, you can give a hard time to the opponents trying to come near you.

7. Fireball

Just as the name suggests, the fireball deals fire damage to any enemy it hits. Fireball travels in a slow arc which might make it seem like a useless attack. But that’s not the actual case with it. Fireball creates a barrier that makes it harder for the opponents to navigate through.

Moreover, if you are playing alongside a partner, because of its slowness, your partner gets enough time to fire their own projectile through it adding firepower as well. Although it’s quite trickier, it is one of the most efficient attacks Reindog has got.

MultiVersus Reindog: Perks

Like any other character, Reindog also has its own attacking and defending perks. And some of these perks are truly interesting and helpful in the battles.

Attacking Perks

  • Fire Fluff: It is basically the signature perk of this new adorable character in MultiVersus. Fire Fluff provides the fireballs with a potentially large firewall which is the most damaging attack Reindog possesses.
  • Make it Rain, Dog!: This is another effective perk that increases the projectile speed of the entire team by 25%. In other words, it allows you to attack your enemies even when you are outside the map itself.
  • Static Electricity: This attacking perk mainly gives an electric shock through the projectiles that hit the enemy.
  • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down: After your attack hits the enemies, this perk further increases the damage while they are down.

Defending Perks

  • Kryptonian Skin: The word Kryptonian reminds us of Superman every time. However, unlike that, Reindog’s Kryptonian skin perk simply decreases the incoming damage by 4%. Moreover, if there is another character using the same perk, together they can decrease the incoming damages by 6%. And apart from that, it also increases the survivability of the team.
  • Projectile Grey Health: Every time you take down an enemy using projectile while this perk is enabled, your entire team receives three grey health for around three seconds.
  • Coffeezilla: Coffeezilla simply decreases the cooldown timer by 10% and if there is another user with the same perk, it decreases up to 15% at most. This perk basically helps you to use your moves like fireball or love leash more frequently.

MultiVersus Reindog Strategies

Multiversus Reindog Strategies

Reindog is introduced in MultiVersus basically as a supporting character. So, it is not appropriate to expect an all-out offensive attack from the character. Its main role is to support the rest of the allies, and we should use it in a way so that we can leverage its full strength to support the others.

However, compared to other support characters, it has enough offensive moves to look after its own in a battle. And considering that some of its moves can be further charged, Reindog is indeed a potential character to hold on in close combat as well.

The meteor attack that lets Reindog spit a fireball, can be charged and targeted in different ways to use in different variations. Apart from that, we can use the power crystal attack to keep the enemies busy while the other offensive attacks will hold the opponents from coming near.


Reindog introduced as the original character in MultiVersus holds some unique moves if compared to the other supporting characters. It can simultaneously support its allies while fighting for its own survival. Moreover, some of its moves work well if used while being with a partner.

So, if you keep those little things in mind and leverage its moves accordingly, it will definitely prove to be a potential character in the game. Above all, since it is a newly introduced character yet, we can expect to see some more enhancements in Reindog over time. With that said, let us know how helpful this Reindog guide has been, and do tell us if there’s anything more you need help with.

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