After Season 3, Modern Warfare 2 Players Not Able to Claim Chimera ‘Nullify’ Blueprint

Treyarch Studios has recently rolled out the much-awaited Season 3 update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This update addresses known issues, balances weapons, and adds new content to the game.

The FJX Imperium Sniper Rifle and Cronen Squall Battle Rifle are the two latest weapons to join the in-game arsenal. Despite these exciting additions, players are struggling with a particular weapon blueprint “Nullify”.

Modern Warfare 2 Gamers Grapple with Chimera ‘Nullify’ Blueprint Access

Several Reddit and forum posts have revealed that some players are encountering issues while trying to claim the Chimera ‘Nullify’ blueprint that comes with the Season 3 battle pass.

The Nullify in the BP wont be claimable if you have last seasons Nullify
byu/Reconender inModernWarfareII

Selling us the same items?
byu/thiccyoungman inModernWarfareII

So are we not gonna talk about how C20 on the battlepass has a recycled reward?
byu/memebone inModernWarfareII

Intriguingly, a similar Chimera weapon blueprint named ‘Nullify’ was also made available in Season 2. Consequently, players who had already unlocked the weapon in the previous season find themselves unable to claim the new blueprint.

Upon attempting to access the new blueprint, they are directed to a window that only allows them to apply the skin to their existing weapon. This has led to frustration and speculation among gamers, with some even suspecting that developers have merely repurposed the old skin.

However, this is merely a glitch, not an intentional move by the developers. The distinction between the two weapons lies in their appearance, style, and attachments.

Possible Solution to the Issue

Thankfully, there is a suggested workaround that may alleviate this problem. Players are advised to claim the entire C20 sector at once, which should help avoid the issue. A special thanks to Twitter user Joel, who kindly shared a valuable workaround for this issue.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of challenges for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players.


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