How to Open Triple Authentication Room in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is an exciting fantasy role-playing video game that offers players the opportunity to control one of up to four unique characters, each with their own set of special abilities and skills. The game features a blend of open-world and dungeon exploration, where players can discover new areas, collect resources, and engage in thrilling battles with a variety of enemies. Combat in Honkai: Star Rail is turn-based and strategic, requiring players to think carefully about their moves and make use of their character’s strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we will take you through how to open the Triple Authentication Room in Honkai Star Rail.

The game was officially released on April 26, 2023, for Windows, iOS and Android, bringing the world of Honkai: Star Rail to millions of eager gamers. And the good news doesn’t stop there – ports for PlayStation 4 and 5 are also in the works, promising even more excitement and adventure for fans of the game. With so much to explore and discover, it’s no wonder that Honkai: Star Rail has become one of the most popular role-playing games of the year. With a range of different strategies and tactics to choose from, players can test their skills and explore new ways of playing the game. Let’s find out how to open the Triple Authentication Room in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: How to Open Triple Authentication Room

Honkai: Star Rail is a game full of exciting content, offering a plethora of treasures and secrets for you to discover and explore throughout your journey. One of the game’s most intriguing aspects is a puzzle known as the Triple Authentication room, located in the Herta Space Station’s Base Zone. This area houses a special treasure chest that players can access only after completing a series of challenging tasks and collecting three keycards.

To open the Triple Authentication room in Honkai: Star Rail, players must first embark on the Road to Revival quest line, which involves fighting enemies and exploring every nook and cranny of the vast space station. Once the quest line is complete, players must gather three access keycards, which will allow them to unlock the door and gain entry to the Triple Authentication room.

Despite the challenge of acquiring the keycards, the rewards of accessing the Triple Authentication room are well worth the effort. Not only will players obtain valuable loot, but they’ll also have the satisfaction of solving one of the game’s most notorious puzzles. So, prepare yourself for an adventure, and get ready to explore all that Honkai: Star Rail has to offer. Here are all the keycard locations to open Triple Authentication Room in Honkai Star Rail.

First Keycard: Corporate Access Authentication

In order to gain access to the Master Control Zone and begin your adventure, you must first acquire a keycard known as the Corporate Access Authentication card. This card is obtained by speaking to the shop owner located just northwest of the Central Passage Space Anchor, as well as a character simply known as the “Man with Afro”. To obtain the card, you must speak to the “Man with Afro” five times.

Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way to reach the location where the “Man with Afro” is located. By using the Honkai: Star Rail feature, you can fast travel throughout the map and directly to the spot where you’ll find the “Man with Afro”. This feature is incredibly useful and can save you a significant amount of time when navigating the game world.

Second Keycard: Thousand Stars Access Authentication

In this section of our multi-part series, we will focus on the Storage Zone. This area can be accessed by fast travelling or running to the “Outside the Control Center (First Floor)” Space Anchor on the west side of the area. Upon entering the nearby room, you will encounter various platforms, enemies, and colored bridges. To cross the room, you will need to activate and deactivate these bridges.
As you enter the room, take the left ramp and defeat the enemy that’s lurking nearby. Then, prepare to engage your puzzle-solving skills as you interact with the bridge console to deactivate the orange bridges and light up the blue ones. Once you’ve done this, cross the newly-created blue bridge and continue on your quest.

As you go down the ramps, be sure to interact with the second bridge console to activate a white bridge. And as you continue up the ramps, search behind the white crates to find a hidden bridge console. Once you’ve found it, turn it on to reveal the orange bridges again.

Next, you will need to make your way up the ramp and cross the orange bridge. This is followed by the white bridge, which is crossed next. You will need to turn on the nearby bridge console to reactivate the blue bridges. After crossing the white bridge, run past the new blue bridge before ascending the final ramp.

At the top of the ramp, your hard work will pay off as you collect the Thousand Stars Access Authentication card.

From this point on, the authentication card will appear as a yellow sparkle on the ground. Simply interact with it to obtain the keycard. Additionally, you can open a treasure chest in the room to obtain extra goodies. By following these steps, you can obtain the Thousand Stars Access Authentication card.

Third Keycard: Blank Access Authentication

To gain access to the Triple Authentication room, you must first reach the Base Zone. This is no easy feat, as you’ll have to defeat the enemy guarding the chest in the Monitoring Room at the northernmost part of the area. Make sure to level up your characters and have them fully healed before attempting this challenge. If you’re not up for the fight, you can always use HSR’s auto battling feature to make things a bit easier.

After you beat the enemy you can get the keycard. The next step is to go back to the Triple Authentication room. The location of the room is south of the room that you are currently in. Note that the blank keycard miniboss is only the start, as there are more fights to come.

Once you beat the miniboss, go south and use the door console to finally enter the Triple Authentication room. The room is filled with more enemies, so make sure your characters are well-equipped and ready for battle. But the rewards are worth it – once you defeat all the enemies, you can claim your prize.


In conclusion, the Triple Authentication room in Honkai: Star Rail is a challenging puzzle that offers valuable rewards for those who can solve it. By completing the Road to Revival quest line and gathering the three access keycards, players can gain entry to the room and claim their treasure. While the journey to obtain the keycards may be difficult, the satisfaction of solving the puzzle and obtaining valuable loot is well worth the effort. We hope that this guide helped you open the Triple Authentication Room in Honkai Star Rail.

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