Fix: Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Credits Not Working or Not Showing Up

Overwatch 2 is a popular first-person shooter created by Blizzard Entertainment, known for its engaging gameplay and vibrant graphics. Despite its popularity, Blizzard updates the game regularly to enhance the gaming experience. By completing certain tasks, players can earn rewards as part of the Battle Pass.

It is worth noting, however, that some players have reported problems with Battle Pass credits not working or not showing up. There may be a chance that players will not be able to redeem their earned credits, which may result in them missing out on rewards. In this article, we’ll explore some common fixes for this issue and provide tips to prevent it from happening again.

Fix: Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Credits Not Working or Not Showing Up

What are Battle Pass Credits in Overwatch 2?

First, let’s explain what Battle Pass credits are and how they work in Overwatch 2. With the Battle Pass, players can earn rewards for completing various tasks or challenges. In addition to winning matches, these challenges can involve reaching certain levels or achieving specific objectives.

Players earn Battle Pass credits when they complete these challenges, which can be spent on unlocking rewards. There is a variety of rewards available, including character skins, emotes, voice lines, and other items in-game. These rewards can only be redeemed using the Battle Pass credits, which is why ensuring they’re working correctly is essential.

Common Fixes for Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Credits not working

Here are some common fixes for Battle Pass credits not working or showing issue in Overwatch 2:

Fix 1: Restart the game

In most cases, a restart of the game is the most effective fix. You may be able to fix any temporary bugs or glitches caused by this and refresh the game as a result. You can see if the credits appear by closing the game and then restarting it.

Fix 2: Check for updates

In addition to fixing bugs and improving gameplay, Blizzard often releases updates. Ensure you have the game’s latest version installed if your Battle Pass credits do not work. Overwatch 2 can be accessed through the app by selecting it.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection

In some cases, Battle Pass credits do not work due to a poor internet connection. Maintain a stable internet connection and avoid experiencing any connectivity problems. Your internet connection may affect how the game connects to the server, resulting in Battle Pass credits not working or showing issue.

Fix 4: Clear the game cache

It is possible to resolve temporary bugs and glitches by clearing the game cache. Follow these steps to clear the cache:

  • It is recommended that you close the game and the app.
  • To open Run, press the Windows key + R.
  • Enter %programdata%.
  • Delete the Overwatch 2 folder from the Blizzard Entertainment folder.
  • Restart the app and launch Overwatch 2.

Fix 5: Verify game files

If the game files are corrupted or missing, verifying them can help identify and fix the battle pass credits not working problem. Here are the steps for verifying game files:

  • You can access Overwatch 2 by opening the app.
  • Then click on Options and select Scan and Repair.
  • Launch Overwatch 2 once the process is complete.

Fix 6: Check your Battle Pass level

You must have reached the required Battle Pass level to unlock the rewards you’re trying to redeem. Select the Battle Pass tab in the main menu to check your Battle Pass level.

Fix 7: Check the Battle Pass expiry date

Verify the Battle Pass expiration date and make sure you redeem the rewards before it expires. Redeeming rewards will be impossible if your Battle Pass has expired.

Fix 8: Disable third-party software

There are some third-party programs that can interfere with the game’s ability to connect to the server, causing Battle Pass credits to be refunded. You may try disabling any third-party software to see if it resolves the issue.

Fix 9: Reinstall the game

It may be necessary to reinstall the game if none of the above solutions works. You can do this in order to fix any corrupted or missing game files that are causing the problem. Follow these steps to reinstall the game:

  1. Go to and select Overwatch 2.
  2. Then, click on Options and choose Uninstall Game.
  3. Restart your computer after uninstalling the game.
  4. From, reinstall Overwatch 2.

Fix 10: Contact support

Please contact Blizzard’s support team if none of the above solutions work to resolve Battle pass credits not working issue. In light of your issue, they may be able to provide you with more specific solutions.

Preventing Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Credits not showing up

  1. Check your account details: Verify that the username and password associated with your account are accurate. Issues with your account may affect the game’s ability to connect to the server, resulting in Battle Pass credit issues.
  2. Avoid glitches and exploits: In order to earn Battle Pass credits more quickly, some players use glitches or exploits. In some cases, Battle Pass credits may not appear after using these methods. Play the game as intended and avoid exploits if you want to avoid this.
  3. Play fair: Players in Overwatch 2 are expected to play fair in online multiplayer games. It is possible to get incorrect Battle Pass credits by cheating or using hacks. Don’t cheat in the game and play fairly.
  4. Monitor your progress: Verify that all challenges are recorded correctly in your Battle Pass. To resolve any discrepancies, please contact Blizzard support.

Sum Up

Players can earn rewards in Overwatch 2 by completing specific challenges through the Battle Pass. Battle Pass credits may not work or not appear for some players, which can be frustrating since players will not be able to redeem them or receive their rewards.

You can try these solutions to see if they fix the problem if you are experiencing battle pass credit issues in Overwatch 2. Always play the game the way it was intended, and contact Blizzard support if you have any issues. So, that’s how to fix the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass credits not working issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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