Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Buffering, How to Fix Slow Loading?

Online streaming services do have a wide range of content to choose from, which is handy in such a pandemic across the globe. Well, Paramount Plus is a popular streaming service with a separate user base, owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming. Many subscribers have been experiencing issues with the Paramount Plus buffering or slow loading issues since its release. It’s ruining the user experience.

This particular issue appears whenever users are trying to run any content. Now, if you’re also facing the same issue, then make sure to follow this guide to fix it completely. Even though you’re already subscribed to the Paramount+ service, and you have a good internet connection, sometimes you may encounter longer buffering or loading issues due to several reasons whatsoever. We’ve mentioned all the possible reasons below.Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Buffering, How to Fix Slow Loading?

Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Buffering, How to Fix Slow Loading?

If in case, you’re seeing a loading image or the black screen issue while playing Paramount Plus content, that means there may be a couple of reasons behind this problem. To be precise, sometimes ad blockers may cause issues with the content streaming because they can block the ongoing connections. Whereas issues with the internet traffic, poor internet connection, insufficient bandwidth, or no live TV connection, etc.

Here we’ve shared all the possible workarounds below that should gonna work for you and might fix the buffering or slow loading issue with the Paramount Plus service. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Disable Ad Blockers

Sometimes issues with the Paramount+ stream may occur due to ad blocking software on the browser that may prevent the ongoing connections whatsoever. So, disabling ad blockers on the browser might gonna avoid sponsored messages or ads during the content streaming. It eventually allows streaming content to be playing instantly after displaying ads without any kind of buffering or slow loading issues.

You’ll have to turn off or remove ad-blocking extensions or software before launching Paramount Plus and streaming the live content or TV channels. However, if you don’t have ad blockers enabled and still you’re encountering streaming issues then make sure to follow the steps below:

Disable Adblocker

  • Refresh/reload the live video player page (computer users can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5).
  • Make sure to clear your cookies and cache data within your browser.
  • Close the browser and relaunch it.
  • Go back to the live video player page and sign into the account.

2. Wait for Peak Internet Traffic to be Reduced

Make sure to wait for some time until the peak internet traffic gets reduced because during the peak timing whatsoever. Sometimes, streaming content during high internet traffic times may cause slower internet speed or buffering issues whatsoever. Typically, internet traffic peaks during the evening time and weekends.

3. Check for Network Connection

You’ll require a high-speed and stable internet connection to stream live content on Paramount+. To check your internet speed, you can check here. You should also ensure that your download speed is at least 4 MBPS or more for a better content streaming experience. If not, call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to increase the current plan or fix connectivity issues.

4. Check for Sufficient Bandwidth

If the video is buffering or you’re facing a loading image quite often or for a longer period of time, then you may have bandwidth issues. Try logging out of other devices and stream Paramount Plus content again. Simply, log out of your Paramount+ account from all devices, then log in again to check for the issue.

5. No Live TV on Apple TV

If you’re having issues accessing live TV on your streaming device then it’s recommended to send feedback directly to Paramount+ technicians to test your signal. To do so, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Head to the Apple TV > Open the Paramount+ app > Go to Settings.
  • Select Live TV > You’ll see the local CBS network logo under the Live TV Setting.
  • Click on the ‘Live TV issues. ‘send feedback’ button located below the logo.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to answer three feedback questions. A confirmation message will pop up once you’ve answered the last question.
  • Go back to the Live TV menu to the stream video. If the test is successful, you should be able to stream Live TV without any issues.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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  1. This is soooooo damned frustrating.. pay for a movie and it just buffers and buffers… I have had Vudu for a few years now and this just started happening so it’s NOT on my end….Not gonna go there anymore….

  2. No! On the Television while trying to watch 1883 it will not stop buffering. I want a REFUND from Paramount Plus. It’s completely unwatchable.

  3. Paramount plus is the only streaming service that has buffering problem. It’s so annoying that I am seriously considering dropping it!!!

  4. The suggestions you offered are very poor and do not fix the issue. Why is this issue only occurring with paramount+. I can play Netflix, prime, Stan, Disney and not have any problems, EVER. Only Paramount+ has this issue.

    1. Wen ever I watch anything on paramount + it buffers and it very annoying! I pay 10.71 a month for this

  5. Unhelpful. The buffering and stuttering renders PPlus unusable on my Sony Bravia – even after in- and re-installing the PPlus Android app. However, using my 12 year old dumb tv with a Google Chromecast stick is flawless. No other content provider buffers at all. Pretty annoying. I hope a fix is coming out in my lifetime.

  6. I have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, prime, AppleTV, HBOMax, Peacock, Paramount+. Paramount+ is the only one that doesn’t stream well. On my LG TVs, every few seconds it pauses and buffers. It works perfectly on other devices, just not the LG TVs. My network is fine. Wish we could fix this on my TVs.

  7. Paramount plus is the only AP that I have repeated buffering issues, when it’s on a smart tv it does it after every word than I put it on Xbox Series X ; now it only does it every 30 second or more . I have several streaming apps with good internet and paramount plus is the only app with this issue!

  8. Download speed 58 Mkbs, yet momentary interruptions occur with content during momentary interruptions lost. All other uses have been switched off. What else can we do?

  9. I just signed up and the buffering is nuts ,,I have used Netflix , Hulu ,Disney , Philo , and free sites like Crackle , Tubi and many sites , and so far Paramount is as slow an buffering than any other , even pausing doesn’t work if it doesn’t change I will not keep after free trial if not sooner

  10. Very poor quality buffering is a regular occurrence on my smart tv that I have no issues with other streaming apps
    After several attempts of rebooting tv and router and high quality service provider you may leave me with no option but to unsubscribe because of poor quality

    1. If I could watch EVIL and THE STAND and a few movies somewhere else, I’d DUMP THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE. I can’t even watch the show and know/keep up with what the story is about because of this buffering

  11. keeps buffering through Jerry and Marge go Large. This is ridiculous. Doesn’t do it on anything else!

  12. Total pain in the neck to use on my new LG TV. My internet speed is very fast, and I still have nothing but problems trying to access Paramount. Last night it took three tries just to get the service to load without being kicked out. Even after getting it to work, it’s very slow to respond to the remote. Every other service works just fine. Oddly enough, Paramount works just fine on my laptop. Also, it’s a clunky app to use. Just trying to find a list of available episodes for a program is very frustrating.

  13. I thought it was me….Sounds like Pplus is just rubbish. Thanks SKY no wonder it is free to Sky users.

  14. This is getting ridiculous as a sky q customer I only got the app on Wednesday signed in picked a tv show to watch and all I got was the loading circle over and over again get a grip paramount plus and get it fixed a/s/a/p

  15. Paramount Plus is the WORST do not sign up for this service. We wanted to watch 1883 and signed up for 1 month BIG Mistake. We will never get that $4.99 we spent back nor the hours of our life that we waited to try to watch the buffering picture and stuttering dialogue.

  16. Same general issue. Other apps for streaming work fine and my internet is quite fast. I see similar buffering whether I view higher resolution shows (HD color) or black&white video. I reloaded the app from apple App Store and it was amazingly slow to download. The buffering makes the app unwatchable.

  17. Have Direct TV stream and few other apps and all work great with no buffering except for paramount. Will play for about 45 sec to a min then buffer. If everything else works and just not paramount that’s says the obvious problem.

  18. I have numerous streaming apps, Britbox, acorn, Hulu, prime video, sling, FrndlyTV, and the free ones; paramount plus is THE ONLY ONE that had constant buffering and then after so long will say I need an internet connection, which DOES NOT happen on any of the other apps. I have contacted this low life company on numerous occasions and have repeated the same problem every time, but they will NOT FIX IT ! ! ! If I could watch the shows somewhere else, I’d dump this lousy piece of crap ! They tell me to do all sorts of garbage, since ALL the other apps work, it’s not this stuff they want me to do ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This has been going on for at least a year or more ! I don’t watch it every day, because it MAKES ME CRAZY AND I HATE TO CALL IN TO THE SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE, BECAUSE THEY DONT DO ANYTHING TO FIX IT

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