Path of Exile Best Witch Build 2023

Path of Exile, the popular action RPG developed by Grinding Gear Games, has seen numerous updates and expansions since its release, constantly evolving the gameplay experience for players. With a vast array of skill gems and a unique passive skill tree, the game offers endless possibilities for character customization. As we dive into 2023, new and updated builds have emerged that showcase the potential of each class, with the Witch class no exception.

The Witch is a spellcaster class known for her devastating elemental and chaos damage, high energy shield, and exceptional intelligence. This versatile class can be built in various ways, but in 2023, one Witch build stands out for its damage output, survivability, and overall gameplay experience. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Witch build for 2023 that will make your foes tremble before your arcane might.

Witch class in Path of Exile

Players in the Path of Exile universe assume the role of Exiles, individuals banished from the island country of Oriath and sent into the decaying regions of Wraeclast. The Players must navigate home while battling numerous prodigious villains and uncovering primeval monsters. The Witch was one such Exile sent to Wraeclast for using black magic on those who had previously mistreated her. During the way, participants assist the Witch in realizing and operating her full potential.

Players could quickly discover that the Witch is perhaps one of the most challenging Classes to control in the game. So, they must carefully manage their growth to maximize their Witch build and achieve incredible combat flexibility.

Path of Exile Best Witch Build in 2023

Path of Exile Best Witch Build 2023

1. Keep It Dangerous

Many of the Witch’s skill set mainly focuses on debuffing foes to gain larger damage totals. Keeping the Low Life mechanism allow Witches more opportunity to increase their overall DPS in the context of higher-level gaming. This Keeping It Dangerous build largely depends on defeating harder elites with powerful single-target Damage (Blight), clearing mobs with Chaos DOTs (Bane), and obtaining vibrant but lethal explosions (Profane Bloom).

A low-life Witch may avoid reaching harmful HP levels by keeping a healthy balance between Clarity, Vitality, Arrogance, and even Pain Attunement because their shields are continually rising to protect them in any case. Despite the Keeping It Dangerous expansion’s seeming complexity, newcomers may utilize this build to explore Path of Exile’s more intricate features without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Chaotic Cursing Healing

A Witch can access potent Curses or debuffs that might hinder an enemy’s performance when she becomes an occultist. This creates opportunities to eliminate adversaries in Path of Exile games with little effort. The Chaos Cursing Healing Witch Build in Path of Exile, another descendant of the Low Life mechanism, notably Essence Drain, illustrates this.

This time, Bane, a talent that not only deals another set of Chaos DOT to the area while also buffing foes, is partnered with Essence Drain in Chaotic Cursing Healing to increase the player’s life regeneration. Other negative effects include curses that reduce an enemy’s damage (Enfeeble), slow them down (Temporal Chain), and increase damage over time suffered, as well as withers that increase Chaos damage taken (Despair).

3. Chaotic Ice Nova

Chaos Ice Nova may be an option for Path of Exile Witches players searching for extra options for higher-level play. To unleash the potent Cold AOE Spell Ice Nova on the setting Cast on Critical Strike, this build largely relies on a Chaos Inoculation, which offers immunity to Chaos Damage in return for having a maximum of 1 Health.

Fundamentally, this high-level construct offers an alternative to the simpler Low Life strategy. Players may become powerhouses that can easily conquer maps and take down most bosses by using Chaos Inoculation and Chaotic Ice Nova in the perfect mix of stats. The only drawbacks to this build would likely be its high skill ceiling, pricey nature, and more challenging boss encounter at higher levels.

4. Low Life Supremacy

It seems logical that the Witch in Path of Exile needs the strongest protections to survive some of the toughest enemies in the game, given their glass cannon nature. Nevertheless, other builds, such as the Low Life Supremacy, rely on a mechanical concept known as “Low Life builds,” in which the Witch’s most powerful effects occur under high-danger, low-life circumstances.

For example, this specific Low Life Supremacy construct is a variant known as the LL/ED configuration, where a low-life Witch may activate the effects of Essence Drain, a Spell that delivers low Chaos damage on top of a hefty Chaos DOT, with some of that damage being converted back into HP. With the appropriate configuration, this build can clear maps relatively rapidly and on a very small budget owing to Chaos DOT.

5. Cold Edge Evolution

In Path of Exile, where players may switch between several Ascendancies to execute different skill combinations, respeccing is one of the most helpful customizing choices. In the setting of The Witch, Cold Edge Evolution makes use of the early-game Elementalist’s great damage from birth as well as the Occultist’s ability to scale power. Cold Edge Evolution allows the Witch to beat mobs and monsters early on in the game and then specialize in different areas to handle circumstances like taking down elites and bosses.

At its heart, Blade Vortex, a Spell that conjures a damaging ethereal sword, causes most of the damage in Cold Edge Evolution. Players now have viable defensive choices without having to depend too heavily on pricey tanking equipment, thanks to the ability to discharge 10 Blades and combine this with Blast-Freeze.

6. Shock Permafreeze Combo

The Elementalist is by far the Witch subtype in the basic Path of Exile experience that most fulfill the job of the spellcasting DPS. The Shock Permafreeze Combo is a prime example since it uses the innate Elementalist benefits of having the greatest per-hit damage, casting speed, and elemental shielding. Just to add, the Shock and Freeze diseases receive natural bonuses with this build, both of which naturally increase the Witch’s offensive potential.

More precisely, the Shock Permafreeze Combo uses a broad range of talents, such as Lightning Conduit, Crackling Lance, and Lightning Tendrils, to trigger the Freeze and Shock illnesses. The Three Dragons also dramatically increase the number of ailments that may be inflicted, providing players additional chances to increase their DPS by applying powerful debuffs.

7. Absolute Decimation

When a Witch ultimately connects with the forces of evil, they become a Necromancer, able to control the very essences of Life and Death. Absolute Decimation depends on the Witch’s ability to call numerous undead companions to perform the dirty job because of her Path of Exile Ascendancy Class. This is how Absolute Decimation weakens opponent troops. Absolute Decimation’s primary mechanics require players to rely on the Absolution Spell to turn specifically dead foes into potent Absolution Sentinels while also setting up potent minion boosts to guarantee that there are figurative juggernauts ready to defend people.

The ability of this construct to accommodate low-budget strategies while still delivering tremendous damage numbers may be its strongest feature. Sadly, players must consider drawbacks, including its specialized summon-reliant playstyle and the chance-reliant triggers of adversaries becoming Absolution Sentinels.

8. Ice Spear Domination

The famous Ice Spear would be one of the key spells Witches use in Path of Exile when they first experience elemental power. An opponent is struck by an Ice Spear that a Witch fires at them in Path of Exile before changing into a quicker projectile with greater speed and critical multipliers that pierces all of its targets. This Ice Spear Domination build is one of the simpler ones available because it relies on Ice Spear’s increased criticals to do much damage.

Ice Spear Domination fundamentally becomes a trustworthy construct with the appropriate approach to stats. Players may be able to throw Ice Spear more frequently. For instance, if Mana sustains are provided by Divergent Inspiration and Mana leech is increased by Essence Sap. The Ice Spear’s total DPS may be increased by choosing the right Ascendancy and Skill Tree and purchasing Critical Strike Chance modifiers. Awakened Cast on Critical and Shaper/Crusader belt and boots may also significantly shorten the cooldown of this spell, making it useful for a solo witch in Path of Exile.

9. Back To Basics

The Witch is the default Class for those who wish to fireball adversaries into oblivion because it is the primary Intelligence Class in the game. The Back To Basics build is ideal for players who want a plain Witch with respectable damage and accessibility without compromising survivability because of Path of Exile’s innate versatility. The construct, however, lacks natural damage avoidance for Hardcore mode and needs the endgame to function to its fullest capacity.

With the Back To Basics build, witches largely rely on arc damage to deal with respectable DPS and shock. Therefore increasing lightning, elemental, and spell damage is a top objective. Back To Basics’ defenses mostly rely on armor and life, with physical damage mitigation and life restoration enhancing overall survivability.

10. Bow Demolisher

The Witch in Path of Exile is the de facto “primary” spellcaster. However, the game doesn’t often associate the Class with conventional weapons like staves and wands. Witches are shown to be more than capable of beating even the most difficult trials in the game with the correct equipment in the Bow Demolisher build. The Bow Demolisher has some of the greatest DPS in the game when equipped with the proper bow and other gear, enabling players to dispatch monsters and bosses with relative ease. The major problem with the construct, though, is finding the correct drops, which might be challenging at first.

Witches really need to locate the ideal Bow to maximize their DPS. Attack Speed should be given priority by players, making the Short Bow or Thicket Bow the best options. If feasible, the Witch’s performance can be greatly improved by using bows and quivers to deliver additional element-based damage over time and total Elemental Damage. Players should still prioritize Attack Speed for their gear, as well as Spell Suppression, resistance, and total Life to increase their ability to survive.

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