Fix: Plenty of Fish Not Sending/Not Showing Sent Messages

Plenty of Fish is a popular Canadian online dating service also available in many countries like the United States, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, etc. One of the best features of the Plenty of Fish dating app is you can contact other users without matching from both sides or subscribing. It is available on all major platforms with 150+ million users. But recently, many users have been complaining that Plenty of Fish is not Sending or not showing sent messages. These issues are consistent with all users, irrespective of their location. 

Plenty of fish is now owned by online relationship and marriage services, and it’s different from the Tinder and Bumble dating app. However, it does not work as a swipe mechanism. Instead, it has its questionnaire and life feature to match other partners. Also, it has a free and paid plan that starts from $ 18/ month. Like other dating apps, Plenty Of Fish also has some issues like many users encountered with not sending or not showing sent messages but don’t worry, and we have some methods to fix the problem.

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Fix Plenty of Fish Not SendingNot Showing Sent Messages

Fix: Plenty of Fish Not Sending/Not Showing Sent Messages

The Basic step to start any relationship is communication. In POF, you can contact others through messages, and if the messages you send or receive are not showing in your profile, it’s frustrating. In most cases, such issues are due to bad internet connectivity only. 

Before heading to the solution, first, check for the POF app update on your device from the official website or the app store. After that, make sure to give your device a restart and see if it helps. If the is still showing the same, follow the below methods to fix the Not sending/showing issue in POF.

Check for Plenty of Fish Account Ban

Plenty of Fish strongly prohibits foul or appropriate language in profiles or messages, unlike other dating services. Check if you recently have used offensive languages in your messages. And if there are any abusive languages, then POF will restrict those messages to be sent or received.

POF has an AI filter that can automatically detect foul languages. If you are using the specified language in your profile, you might get banned from the POF services. To fix the issue, double-check your message simple “BedRoom” word will block the entire message. Remove the word or compose the message with normal words and send the messages again.

There is no set of definitive word lists that POF uses to ban accounts. But they will ban or restrict your messages if they see anything suspicious and related to trafficking, forced conversation, assaulting, and violent messages. Once you make the other person a friend on the website, then your messages will not be restricted. We recommend adding your significant other as a friend, then tr to send messages.

Spam Messages

If you send any messages to almost every user, Plenty of Fish may consider the message spam and might block your account from the backend. On the other hand, sending a unique message to your partner makes the relationship more beautiful. So try to send unique messages to connect with your partner. Apart from that, kindly check your profile and enter only the correct information because sometimes POF blocks the incorrect or incomplete profile. This is because the sender doesn’t contain accurate information to help the recipient know the other person better.

Check Internet Status

The most common issue while sending and receiving messages in the POF app is internet issues. Kindly check your cellular and wifi data services. Sometimes weak data speed may stop the message to be sent or received.

Also, check for any outage in the Plenty of Fish servers from the various websites or social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. If any of the services of the POF app is not working, then there might be an issue in the app files. Clear the cache from your device’s settings or reinstall the app again may fix the problem. However, you can turn off the wifi, wait for 10 seconds, and turn it on again.

Clear Browsing History

If you use Plenty of Fish in the browser, you might check for the update and install the latest version. Also, you can perform the hard refresh by pressing Ctrl +F5 on your keyboard.

  • Open the browser and go to the Menu from the top right corner.
  • Now navigate and click on the More tools and select Clear browsing data.

  • Now on the clear browsing page, click on the check box in front of clear browsing history, clear downloading history, empty cache, and delete cookies and other sites and plugin data.
  • After that, restart the browser application again to apply the changes and open the POF website again.


Dating Services like Plenty of Fish allow us to connect with other people and take our lives to another level. But the unexpected issue of not sending or receiving messages on the POF app due to any problem is hampering users’ overall experience. We hope that the above methods will fix your issue so that you can meet and send/receive messages to your loved ones. Please feel free to share your feedback or any other method to fix the issue in the comment section. 


  1. Is there a way to contact POF? I am extremely pardon me but I’m PISSED off. I get a response from someone I desire to communicate with. The feeling is mutual. I take my valued time to respond to her and it doesn’t show the messages that I’ve sent. This is NOT what I signed up for and as far as I’m concerned they have violated our contract. I wish I had access to find out how many of us are out there. I see CLASS ACTION law suit. Can you direct me to get in touch with them

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