Does POF Block Or Ban IP Addresses?

POF stands for Plenty of Fish; they provide online dating services is available in more than 80 countries worldwide. Its best a platform for people who want to find a relationship or a date through the internet. But the question is, Does POF Block Or Ban IP Addresses? Answer: Yes, If you violate heir service rules and do social violence, then definitely they will Block your account and take action against you by deactivating your account. And they have strict privacy policy guidelines.

They use secure encrypted connections for all users from both ends and keep a focus on what’s going on under the POF portal. Sometimes messages stop going through the server but Usually, happen because of a glitch in the system. But be aware don’t post the wrong profile and problematic content. Below we discuss the community guidelines which you should follow to avoid restrictions.

Does POF Block Or Ban IP Addresses?

Does POF Block Or Ban IP Addresses?

Have you ever had any encounters of a block or ban on POF? Here are some rules & regulations which you should obey carefully because you are here to find a true relationship.

I know it takes time to find your loving once immediately, but that does not mean you will take the wrong steps towards POF. Just follow the below 8 points to avoid getting a ban on their account.

1. Fake Profiles

This is the main reason why most people got a Block or IP ban in POF or any other site also. To find a partner, they create Lots of profiles with the same IP Address. POF algorithm easily finds out this type of activity, and the server will Block your accounts.

2. Correct Marital status of Members

Give your correct information at the time of creating a POF Account because it builds trust for the future. And if you provide mismatch info, then the content policy team detects people who claim to be single or divorced is married, their profile gets removed.

3. Posting improper content

If you continuously post vulgar and expose nudity to attract Guys, it is totally prohibited on POF. And if your profile is getting negative reviews and block activity then your account might be at risk. POF has zero-tolerance for discrimination and offensive language.

4. Age Restriction

It’s compulsory for All members to be at least 18 years old to use their services. If others flag any of the users as underage, that account will also be eliminated immediately. And the account will no longer available on the POF site, the problematic profile gets reported immediately.

5. Alert from Scammers

Scammers are everywhere. If you don’t trust someone in POF, don’t give them your personal info. Although, as of now POF platform doesn’t support video chat. My advice to you not to share your private photos if you do not know them personally or have met them at least once. Because scammers might start blackmailing you in the future. POF has an inbuilt AI tool that can recognize most spammers easily to safeguard user’s interests and privacy.

6. Accessing POF from other Countries

Users and accounts from countries where POF isn’t available are recognized as spam and quickly deleted. And if POF is a must for you, then I suggest you use VPN services to access it safely from any country in case you’re traveling abroad.

7. Avoid spamming

If you are a new member of POF and a bit excited to get a girlfriend or boyfriend immediately and start sending the same message to all profiles repeatedly, so is detected as spam. First, Make your identity on any social platform by identical content, not just copy-paste the things.

8. Promoting useless stuff in POF

So you start with one profile, but when it goes viral, you start promoting products or marketing them just because you have a huge audience. It’s not conventional. The main purpose of POF is to relate people with each other through an online dating website. Don’t do any kind of promotion here; otherwise, your profile will automatically shut down.


POF’s top preference is to make sure all their users are secure. They do so to defend their users from false profiles and various scams. It’s also your responsibility to establish a neat & clean social profile and enjoy this beautiful platform for romantic people and find your loved ones. Don’t show any unacceptable action from your side.

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