Fix: Project Zomboid Mouse / Keyboard Not Working

Project Zomboid Mouse Plays a vital role in passing several isometric survival challenges within the game. Along with the mouse, the keyboard also plays a significant role in defeating the strategic difficulties in the game. As a shooter game, it needs a point-to-point mouse and keyboard support to facilitate accurate aiming. The game was offered full of adventure and thrill until the mouse and keyboard worked. But now, they are not working well and reducing the excitement towards this Zombie game.

Moreover, Some settings are available that can provide ease to the player. Unfortunately, those are temporary ways to exclude the keyboard issue. Specifically, Project Zomboid Mouse, as well as the keyboard both, are not working appropriately. Following this, the entire gameplay experience has now decreased. And, those disappointed players are enquire working fix on their community page. For so, below we have shared a guide that explains possible causes and fixes behind Project Zomboid Mouse not working issue.4

Why Do I Experience Project Zomboid Mouse and Keyboard Not Working?

The Zombie-based game has sharp settings for the mouse as well as the keyboard. But, What to do when these settings got wasted. As some players are facing Project Zomboid Mouse is not working properly. For so, we tried to find the possible reasons including connection problems, Pc getting the hang, hardware issues, Outdated USB driver ports, and more. So, These are the common reasons enforcing Project Zomboid mouse to not work properly. But, For a quick look below are the common reasons behind it.

  • The mouse does not connect properly
  • Outdated USB Drivers
  • Outdated Keyboard Drivers
  • Dust deposited over the keys
  • Unbalanced Keyboard Layout Settings

Collectively, These are the major causes found behind the Project Zomboid Mouse and keyboard not working properly. But, Do not worry below we are sharing all the possible fixes based on above mention causes.

How Can I Fix Project Zomboid Mouse and Keyboard not working?

Fixing the keyboard and mouse issue over Project Zomboid could be an easy task. But, there is no information from the developer’s end. So, we cannot define any particular cause behind the issue. Even though, we have tried to research and luckily found some common issues enforcing Project Zomboid Mouse to not work properly. So, without any further delay let’s take a look over the possible fixes for the concerning issue.

  • Ensure Mouse be Connected Properly
  • Update Your USB Drivers
  • Update Keyboard Drivers
  • Clear dust over the keyboard
  • Check Keyboard layout Settings

Moreover, These are the given fixes that we are going to explain below. As explaining them will deliver you a clear view of fixing Project Zomboid Mouse not working. So, without any further delay let’s take a look over the below-elaborated details.

Ensure Mouse be Connected Properly

The mouse is a very sensitive component of a PC. For so it requires proper connectivity with the USB ports. Whether you are using a wired or wireless mouse, always give priority to the connectivity mouse. Because it could be possible that your mouse or keyboard is not connected properly to the USB. And, you are thinking that the issue is from the developer’s end. So, The very first is to confirm the mouse and keyboard connectivity with the USB ports.

Update Your USB Drivers

Outdated USB drivers can be the cause for Project Zomboid Mouse not working. For such a case, you need to update your PC’s USB drivers. But, As a normal user, you cannot easily find the latest USB driver manually. In such a case, you can take your system’s automatic update feature. Because These updates include complete updation of your system. However, Some users are innocent and do not know about that common updation. So, below are some steps to use that update feature.

  • Simply, Head to your PC Settings.
  • Then, look for Update and Security.
  • Click on that option and choose windows update.
  • Now, click the check for update option.
  • Following this, the system will automatically update for the latest USB drivers, if any.
  • That’s it, Your USB driver will update shortly.

Update Keyboard Drivers

Sometimes, even after updating the whole system with the latest update, few drivers are left. Because at that time, the manufacturers were unable to release all the updates for some particular reason. In such a situation, the user needs to manually check for that driver update. Like here, players facing Project Zomboid Mouse and the keyboard not working properly. So, users need to update their keyboard drivers. But, we know some of you do not know about updating it. So, below are some instructions to update keyboard drivers.

  • First, Head to your Pc’s Search bar.
  • Search for Device manager in it.
  • Click on the first result and Expand the keyboard tab.
  • Now, locate your keyboard and right-click on it.
  • Then, Click on Update the driver.
  • Following this, It will automatically Update your keyboard drivers.
  • That’s it, You are done with updating keyboard drivers.

Clear Dust over the keyboard

It may be possible that your keyboard was not cleaned for a long time. So that, the keyboard encountering not working like issues on Project Zomboid. In such a case, you need to clean your keyboard wisely with the help of any service expert. Because It is a sensitive component for which you need special care. Meanwhile, Project Zomboid Mouse not working issue could be the cause of dirty keyboard keys. So, make sure to clean them properly and enjoy the game.

Check Keyboard layout Settings

Even after cleaning the keyboard keys wisely, if you are still facing the Project Zomboid Mouse and keyboard not working. It means there could be some problem with keyboard layout settings. Because there are entirely responsible for any software-based issue with the keyboard. For so, you need to check the keyboard layout settings and fix the settings to the default one. So, For better clarity here are some steps that you can follow.

  • Begin with Opening Settings on your PC.
  • Look for Time and language option.
  • Now, Click on that option and choose language and region.
  • Under Preferred language, locate your language.
  • Then, click on the three-dot button appearing at your language option.
  • Next, Go to the keyboard section and check the layout settings over it.
  • That’s it, Your Keyboard layout settings are now cross-checked.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, These are the best and proven fixes for Project Zomboid Mouse not working. Even though, you can wait for the developer’s end fix to get a stable and official solution. However, we have explained each fix with concise steps. So, if any user found doubt with those steps then ask them all in the below-appearing comment box.

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