How To Change or Set Push To Talk On TeamSpeak

The latest version of TeamSpeak 3.12.1 released on March 31, 2020, comes with an upgraded server and lots of functions and features than the previous version. One of the useful functions that you can get in TeamSpeak is the control over audio settings. You can manage audio channels, change, or set push to talk on TeamSpeak. The control over audio devices is very necessary if you are using external audio devices rather then default speakers and mic of your device.

TeamSpeak is a popular service used by gamers and people who wants to connect over multiple servers at once for communication. It is a Voice-over internet protocol service. Thus, enabling you to connect to any public or private server securely. However, it is not entirely a free service; there is a limitation on the free version. To connect to a server, you have to provide the server domain, hostname, your nickname, and the password. Overall it is a service similar to phone conferencing, but it works on the internet.

Even more, TeamSpeak has maintained its audio quality over VoIP. You can boost the mic volume and much more. The application is there from 2001 but the recent release of 2020  with more functionality and bugs fixed, moreover with and clean and interactive GUI. TeamSpeak is more popular now between gamers and people who want free audio conferencing for hours.

How To Change or Set Push To Talk On TeamSpeak

How To Change or Set Push To Talk On TeamSpeak?

To know how to change or set a push to talk on the TeamSpeak, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1) Firstly, open up the TeamSpeak application by double-clicking it, then you can click on the Tools option from the Menu bar.

Step 2) Select the Options option from the submenu, or you can press Alt+P on your keyboard to open up the Options settings Window of the TeamSpeak.

How To Change or Set Push To Talk On TeamSpeak

Step 3) Click on the Playback option from the left pane of the Window. Here, you can set up the playback mode and your device, which you will use to communicate. Therefore click on the drop-down menu, right to the label Playback Device, and select the suitable device. Moreover, you can also adjust the volume of the speaker/headset and much more.

Step 4) After you have selected the playback device, then you have to configure the microphone. Therefore go to the Capture option, below the Playback option on the left pane of the Window. Now on the right pane of the Window, click on the drop-down menus beside the label Capture Device and select your Microphone device.

How To Change or Set Push To Talk On TeamSpeak

Step 5) Now, if you want to be the means of transmission to be Push-to-Talk, which means you will have to press a key for talking. Therefore select the Push-to-Talk option and click on the box beside it, select or press the desired key on your keyboard and set the hotkeys.

Now your keys are assigned, and once you press the key, you will abe to communicate. To change the transmission means you can select other options like Voice Activation Detection. If you want to set another hotkey for the Push-to-talk, just click on the Set more Hotkeys option.

Step 6) Click on the Apply and OK button after you have set the playback device and the capture device, transmission mean.


To change or set push to talk option in TeamSpeak, open up the client, go to Tools>option, and select the playback option. Firstly you have to set up your speakers or headset, and then you can go to the capture option to set up the microphone. Click on the drop-down menu and set the mic. Then you can click on the Push-to-Talk option and assign hotkeys, or you can select other means of transmission.

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