How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Message Without Root

Now you can read deleted WhatsApp Message on your phone. We all know back in 2017 Whatsapp introduced many features. One of them was delete sent message option. Within 7 minutes of sending a message, you can delete it. But still one can read the text message that seems deleted. Most of you may think we need to have root access to the device to read deleted WhatsApp Message. But there is no need of that. We can do it by using a third-party application called Notification History.  WhatsApp already mentions how the delete message mechanism works. The messages follow end-to-end encryption.  The messages are deleted from the server end as soon as the sender deletes them.

Below we have provided the official play store download link for the Notification history. We have also mentioned the way you can try reading/retrieving a deleted WhatsApp Message. With Notification History, you can sort, group your messages. It lets you know about pop-ups, records messages etc.

WhatsApp is a super popular cross-platform messaging service. It is an Android application that allows the exchange of text messages and voice calls, video calls, images etc. Its developer is WhatsApp Inc, basing in Mountain View, California. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014. By February 2018, WhatsApp has a user base of over one and a half billion in the whole world. Most recently WhatsApp rolled out the WhatsApp Payments Feature Beta Version.

How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

Nowit might be some bug or glitch as WhatsApp says message once a user deletes it is gone forever. Well, that is not the case. It also might vary from WhatsApp version to version. Anyways to read deleted WhatsApp Message, you have to download the above-mentioned Notification history.

Download APK

Steps To Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

Step-1 Open WhatsApp on your device

Step-2 If a contact sent you a message and he deleted it immediately(within 7 minutes)

Step-3 Go to Notification history App.

Step-4 in the log you will see the message with its content.

Step-5 It will be followed by another auto-log entry that mentions the message has been deleted.

Step-6 You can Copy the message to clipboard

Step-7 Paste it into a text editor to view the quoted message.


  • If you restart your phone, then the entire log entry will be erased.


So, that’s it. You may try this out. Let us know if it works for you or not.

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