How to Send Disappearing Photos and Videos in Whatsapp?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most extensive user base messaging services in the world. It is not famous for messaging services, but people love the App because of its regular update, user-friendly interface, and encrypted security. WhatsApp has recently added a new feature to send any file ( Images, Videos, etc.) for seven days. After that, it will disappear automatically. And now this feature is upgraded where you can send disappearing photos and videos on Whatsapp which will delete once viewed.

The View once is not a new thing for many of us as it’s a very famous feature for Snapchat users. In the new disappearing feature, the file we sent on Whatsapp disappears or deletes itself after the user opens it once. Although it is only available for Beta users currently and may launch soon for all users as well. Here are all steps for how to send disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp.

How to Send Dis­ap­pear­ing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp

How to Send Dis­ap­pear­ing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp

Before moving forward, we recommend you update WhatsApp beta to its latest available version or join the Beta if the slot is available to use the newest feature before official launches. As mentioned above, View once the mode is only available for Beta testers, so you may not find this feature in your device as it is yet to launch officially.

Whatsapp has recently released a new update in August 2021 making the disappearing feature active and live for all users. So make sure to update your app from Google Playstore to enjoy the new disappearing messages.

You might be thinking that WhatsApp already has the disappear mode, then what is the View once mode. The primary difference between these two-mode is time duration. The disappearing mode keeps messages in the recipient for up to seven days, and view once is only once viewable. After that, it will delete as soon as the recipients view it.

However there is a drawback that a user can take a screenshot to keep the file for further use, and WhatsApp does not have any mechanism to notify the sender about the same. Otherwise, it’s a very good feature that is now available on Whatsapp.

Steps to Send Dis­ap­pear­ing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp

You can only use the disappearing mode if you have the view once mode icon available in your chat (symbol of 1 in a semi-circle) next to the send button. Otherwise, you have to opt for the beta version or wait till its official launch.

  1. Open WhatsApp and then go to any contact and open chat.
  2. Also, you can select individual or group chat to use disappearing mode.
    How to Send Dis­ap­pear­ing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp
  3. Now, in the chat, tap on the paper clip icon or camera icon to add media that you want to share in the conversation.
  4. Next, after selecting the media file or capture or record from the camera, press the View once icon (symbol of 1 in a semi-circle) from the right side corner next to the Add caption.
  5. Now on the screen, you will notify with a pop-up message that is Photo set to view once, and the icon will turn into the green color that means you enable the disappearing mode.
  6. Then tap on send the message. It will delete once the recipient views the message.

Open the Disappearing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp

There is no unique trick to open the disappearing messages. You will get a regular notification. After you tapped on the notification, the chat window will open, and the view once message contains the file name and the size but no preview available. You have to download the file and after that, tap on the message to view the content. When you open the message, you notice that it will disappear when you close the media file.

How to Send Dis­ap­pear­ing Pho­tos and Videos in WhatsApp

You can receive disappearing messages, but in order to send such messages, you have to install the beta version. Also, the View Once mode is available for beta testers only for Android, so you cannot send such messages to iOS devices including iPhones and iPads.


So here is all the information about how to send disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp. Ensure you cannot send private or sensitive messages to an unknown person as the App doesn’t have a screenshot-blocking feature. We hope now you can send and receive disappearing messages quickly, and for more cool tricks about WhatsApp, follow us and let us know what your favorite feature in WhatsApp in the comment box.

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