How To Reply Any WhatsApp Message Without Being Online

WhatsApp is a widely used communication application that allows users to exchange messages with their contacts. However, sometimes you might receive a message that you do not want to reply to immediately, and you do not want to appear online either. This could be due to various reasons such as not having enough time or wanting to avoid lengthy conversations. Regardless of the reason, there are ways to respond to messages without showing online status. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks on how to send messages on WhatsApp without appearing online. Let’s take a look at these tricks that can help you reply to messages without showing your online status.

How you can reply to your WhatsApp message without being online

Go offline without an internet connection and answer

The Internet is essential for your smartphones. All the applications are run on your smartphone with the help of the Internet.

To answer what’s app messages without seeing them online, you need to follow the below steps.

Disconnect your Internet and WiFi—Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Type & send the message you want to send and close the application. Connect your smartphone with the Internet, and WhatsApp will send the message without being online.

Reply to your answer from notifications or a smartwatch

How you can reply to your WhatsApp message without being online

Another cool way to answer your WhatsApp messages without being online is by answering it from notifications, or if you are wearing a smartwatch, then you can reply from it.

The android nugget and later version of OS have this feature. Where you can just drop down your what’s app message notification and reply to the message, it will not show you online, and you can send the message.

We are living in an era where we wear smart devices, which allows you to perform so many tasks. Smartwatch can let you check notifications received on your phones. So if you receive any notifications on your phone, then it will show it on your smartwatch. You can check it on your smartwatch and answer it from there without being online.

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Answer the message by using Unseen App

How you can reply to your WhatsApp message without being online

The Unseen app provides you to check your WhatsApp messages without being online. You can check the message and answer the message from unseen offline. Whenever you are receiving any messages on WhatsApp, you will receive notifications on Unseen, and you can view it without letting others knows. You can answer to the messages on your ease.

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The major drawback of this application is it not works up to mark with groups. When you read the messages, it will show that the message is seen. To view the message, you have to tap on the WhatsApp tab on your Unseen App.

This is the way by which you can see and reply to your WhatsApp messages without being online.

Let us know if the above tricks are useful to you. Apart from this, if you know any better way to answer WhatsApp messages without being online, then drop them in the comment box.

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