Fix: Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable To Install Add-ons on PS5

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the newly released action-adventure survival horror video games that has been quite anticipated for a while among RE fans. It’s by far the best zombie horror survival action title from CAPCOM in terms of the overall storyline, visuals, gaming experience, and more. Though millions of players have started liking this game, it’s not free from errors because Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to Install Add-ons on PS5 becomes a common issue.

Currently, the title is available for all major gaming platforms like Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, but recently some unfortunate PlayStation 5 console users have been unable to install in-game add-ons, which is a bit of a letdown. As per multiple reports, PS5 console users have already purchased the Resident Evil 4 Remake Deluxe Edition and installed the game successfully, but they always receive the specific error message.

Fix: Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable To Install Add-ons on PS5

Fix: Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable To Install Add-ons on PS5

So, if we deeply dive into the error message, it says, “Something went wrong” while trying to install add-ons on their console for RE4R. While installing add-ons and managing the game content, it throws the same error notice. The ridiculous thing is that although the game is new in the market and the additional contents haven’t been released on the PlayStation Store officially yet, PS4 console users can easily download add-ons.

So, this specific error is only happening to PS5 console users. It’s worth mentioning that CAPCOM is aware of this issue and is working on it. Meanwhile, you can try performing some of the workarounds mentioned below to resolve this error until the problem is officially fixed. Some reports also claim that PlayStation Support mentioned the same thing such as the additional content hasn’t officially been available on PS Store.

Unable to install resident evil 4 remake add-ons
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1. Reboot the PS5 Console

First, you can try manually restarting the PS4 or PS5 console to ensure there is no issue with the temporary glitch. The chances are high that the system glitch or cache data issue is troubling you.

2. Check for the Free Storage Space

Check for free storage space depending on which storage option you use on your PlayStation 5 console. if the free disk space isn’t enough, try deleting unnecessary programs from the console to free up space.

3. Ensure You Have the Stable Internet Connection

Make sure to check out the internet connection to see whether it’s working fine or not. Sometimes issues with the network may trigger several connectivity problems like game server connection or launching the game. It’s always better to switch the Wi-Fi to wired or vice versa if you’re facing any issues. Otherwise, try running other online games or services to check for the issue. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.

4. Power Cycle the Networking Device

You should perform a power cycle on your Wi-Fi router or modem to refresh the internet connection whatsoever. Sometimes issues with the network connectivity may cause multiple issues with the game launching or connecting to the game server. It’s better to turn off the router and unplug the power cable. Then wait for around 30 seconds and plug back the power cable in. Now, turn on the router, then connect to the internet to check for the issue.

5. Pause Other Background Downloads

It would be best if you also tried pausing the other background downloads on the PS5 console while launching the Resident Evil 4 Remake title to understand whether there is an issue with the installing add-ons.

6. Check the PSN Server Status

You can also check for the PSN Server Status here to ensure there is no online server connectivity or outage issue. If, in case, there is an issue with the server operations (online services),, then wait for a couple of hours and try again. When writing this article, all services are active and operational, though.

7. Wait for the Official Release of Additional Content

If none of the methods worked for you, wait for the official release of the additional content on the PlayStation Store to get full support. At this moment, there is nothing to do extra at your end.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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