How to Root Pixel 3XL with Magisk [Pre-patched boot img]

Rooting as we know has become an essential part of Android OS. It opens up various possibilities to the user. This includes getting the superuser access through the root. Also, it enables the user to control various aspects of like clocking, access to the cache. Also, rooting with tools such as Magisk have also added to the efficiency quotient of the device. In this post, we will guide you how to root Pixel 3XL with Magisk while on the latest November security patch. This rooting involves various options in case you are coming from the previous patch or want to begin with the latest month patch.

Most importantly, your device must have an unlocked Bootloader and your system must have adb/fastboot installed. We have put up the links for the latest Magisk version and also the patched boot image file. You can find them below along with the flashing and rooting guide.

Root Pixel 3XL with Magisk

How To Root Pixel 3XL with Magisk

There are two fold ways to do this. Either you are coming from September patch or want to root fresh with the November security patch. We will check out both ways.

Before going around installing or rooting anything, you have to make sure your device fulfills certain guidelines.



Download Latest Magisk v17.3 Patched Boot Image for November Download Patched Boot Image for September

Following up from Patched September Update

Step-1 Uninstall all Magisk Modules then reboot.

Step-2 Download the stock factory images for November.

Step-3 Extract and find the “flashall.bat” .bat file out of all other files.

Step-4 Right-click > Edit

Step-5 In the .bat file find “-w” and DELETE it and save the file.

Step-6 After removing “-w” put the device into fastboot mode by pressing Power + Vol Down

Step-7 Now connect the device with the PC using cable.

Step-8 After that run the command “flashall.bat”.

Step-9 Wait while it is executing and then reboot

Step-10 boot to system > go to settings > security and remove any pin or password or pattern

Step-11 Download the latest Magisk and transfer to device internal storage

Step-12 Now, download/install the TWRP for Pixel 3 XL.

Step-13 Return to fastboot and open cmd in its download location

Step-14 Run “fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-1-crosshatch.img” and give your device a minute or two to boot into TWRP

Step-15 From TWRP menu, browse and flash the latest magisk beta on the internal storage.

Step-16 Reboot your device

Also, don’t forget to check that your device is now having root access or not.

Fresh Rooting Starting from November Patch

Step-1 Begin by installing the November update

Step-2 Download latest Magisk Beta (17.3) and

Step-3 move it to the internal storage of the device

Step-4 Reboot the device to bootloader

Step-5 Download the TWRP for Pixel 3XL from above.

Step-6 Go to the folder where you have downloaded TWRP .img,

Step-7 In that folder right click and open Powershell to open the command prompt.

Step-8 Type the following command.

fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-1-crosshatch.img

Step-9 Now boot your device to TWRP

Step-10 Then go to install in the TWRP menu and flash the Magisk zip

Step-11 Reboot your device and check for root access is successful or not.

Rooting November Update and Security Patch

Step-1 Make sure you are on the November update.

Step-2 Download the above zip and extract to any desired location

Step-3 Reboot device to bootloader by pressing power button + volume down after switching it off., or hold volume down after rebooting from the power menu. You can also issue adb command “adb reboot” after enabling adb access from developer settings.

Step-4 Go to the folder where you downloaded the patched_boot.img and open cmd.

Step-5 In cmd type the following command

fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img

Step-6 Now type

fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img

Step-7 Now type

fastboot reboot

Now by checking with Magisk, you will see your device has been rooted. So, that’s it, guys. Now your Pixel 3XL is rooted with latest Magisk and the updated November security patch. Enjoy.


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