All Sons of the Forest Enemies, Mutants, and Cannibals list

The Forest game got popular back in 2014, so maintaining the legacy, its sequel, Sons of the Forest, is all set to release. You will have a more horrifying, thrilling, and action-packed experience as you struggle to live on a hostile, desolate island. So, are you interested to know which enemies you will fight? I have compiled all Sons of the Forest mutants, cannibals, and enemies list.

All Sons of the Forest Enemies, Mutants, and Cannibals list

Sons of the Forest Enemies, Mutants, and Cannibals list

Like The Forest, players will land on a deserted island. They will attempt to locate and rescue a missing billionaire. Besides, there will be other mutants and cannibals roaming around. Whereas friendly mutants may help you in the adventure, cannibals will hunt you.

Now let’s examine each of the new and recurring enemies, mutants, and cannibals you’ll encounter:

1. Virginia

Virginia is a friendly mutant you will find. She resembles the Virginia mutants from the original game in look but changes its characteristics. You can manipulate it to fight with you.

2. Cannibals

The primary opponent type you will face is the cannibal. It is a naked person with a desire for human flesh. However, developers have made it more advanced, including Masked Cannibals. You will find them more dangerous when they attack players systematically. Before attacking, cannibals like to maintain a safe distance initially. They may even bring you back to their caverns if they knock you unconscious. By creating a golden cannibal mask for the cannibals, you may control them as their leader.

3. Fingers

The Fingers are a brand-new enemy that resembles several fingers but no chest. Although we don’t have much information on how they hunt down players, they will probably strike quickly and aimlessly around the map. So, it’s difficult to anticipate their attack. But I think they are easy to defeat.

4. Giant

This mutant’s real name is not revealed yet, so the nickname “Giant” has been used as a stand-in. As per the teaser, when your chopper gets hit, a big hand emerges from the shadows to grab your colleague and haul them away, causing your helicopter’s crash. But it’s not apparent whether the enemy’s whole body is as big or if they have big hands.

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5. John 2.0

John resembles worm-like tiny, slug-like mutants. If you notice, two cannibals are linked from the waist down and walk on all their legs, making it very swift and dangerous. Although it may not be the most dangerous, it is terrifying to come across in the dark.

6. Mutated Babies

Sons of the Forest will also include the Mutant Babies’ comeback. They may be altered for the sequel to get more noisy and terrifying. As per the teaser, the Sluggy mutants will fling the babies at you as an assault. This might imply that they have the same mechanics when confronted alone.

7. Sluggy

As previously indicated, Sluggy is a character about whom little is known. We witness it toss mutant babies. So, we’ll have to wait and see this weird species’ particular characteristics.

8. Twins

The twins are brand-new Sons of the Forest enemies mutants. They are bizarrely connected, much like John 2.0, but this time at the hip. To attack you surprisingly, they will climb walls and perhaps trees. They move swiftly and crawl on the ground, making them easy to overlook.

These are all Sons of the Forest Enemies, Mutants, and Cannibals list we know now. But as the film’s release date approaches, more will emerge from hiding. As always, if more are added later, you can be sure we’ll go in-depth about them and update this listing with the most recent details.

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