Sons of the Forest Golden Armor Guide

Sons of the Forest is a fantastic survival video game. In this game, you can discover a tonne of awesome goods, such as armor and weapons. One of the armor you can get is the Golden armor.

Given that it is hidden in a cave full of formidable opponents, golden armor is quite difficult to locate. The area itself is challenging to find, too. If you are someone who is facing difficulty in finding this armor, then don’t worry because this guide will help you.

In this guide, we will discuss about how to get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest. So, make sure to read the full guide to get it. And now, let’s not waste any time and check out the guide.

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How You Can Get The Golden Armor In Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, you can find the Golden Armor on the second Cave level, which is located in the southeast corner of the map. But in order to enter this Cave, you will need the Maintenance Keycard. Below down we have explained how you can get the Golden Armor. So, continue reading the guide.

You must first use your GPS to travel to the location point. After that, enter the cave and move down until you reach a locked door. Now use the Maintenance Keycard to access level one. You must next proceed down the pathway until you get to a door that is yellow in color. After you enter that door, a cut scene will start to play. There are many enemies there, and you must get rid of them by defeating them.

Once you defeat them, you will have to move straight into the hall and enter the corridor directly in front of you. Then, you will have to proceed along the corridor to reach the level 2. After that, continue moving forward and pass the first entrance. Then, as you will reach near the second entrance move right. You will walk into a room. On the room’s couch, you will find the Golden Armor. Once you find it, equip it and you will be able to finish the game.

How You Can Use The Golden Armor In The Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, an essential piece of equipment is the Golden Armor. You can utilize the armor in your inventory like you would any other armor by equipping it, but given how bad it is, you might want to choose it for any other option.

The Golden Armor should still be kept in your possession. Without giving away Sons of the Forest’s ending, you will finally find the mysterious VIP Bunker on the island, which has a weird, locked door. This door appears to need some kind of arm to open.

You will have to equip the Golden Armor and open the weird door as soon as you arrive at this bunker and are prepared to move further.


The game’s special vanity or progression item, the Golden Armor, shields you from opponents toward the end. However, some users were not knowing how to get this armor. So, in this guide, we have mentioned how to get and how to use this armor in Sons of the forest. Now, that you know about it, go and get it and enjoy the game.

Now, if you have any more questions or any queries, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them and provide you with such a helpful guide on it. Also, for more such helpful guides, do check out our website.

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