Fix: Splatoon 3 Communication Error Has Occurred

Nintendo has recently launched a third-person shooter video game called ‘Splatoon 3‘ that’s available for Nintendo Switch only. As per developers, the game includes competitive online multiplayer gameplay apart from the single-player mode just like its predecessors in the Splatoon series. Though players are having great fun with this title, some of the unfortunate Nintendo Switch users are getting the Splatoon 3 Communication Error Has Occurred issue.

Whenever players are trying to get into the online multiplayer mode, they’re experiencing the “A communication error has occurred message.” error message on the screen which becomes frustrating. This error message appears quite often even though the switch console is connected to the internet. It’s probably the same error when the game server kicked out the players from the queue in the middle of the match or during the matchmaking process.

Fix: Splatoon 3 Communication Error Has Occurred

Fix: Splatoon 3 Communication Error Has Occurred

Well, it’s pretty hard to point out what’s actually causing such an error to you but the chances are high that there are some possible reasons behind this issue. Mostly issues with the internet connection, installed game files, server downtime, etc can be one of the reasons that you should check out properly. Luckily, we’ve shared a couple of possible workarounds below that should be handy for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

1. Check the Nintendo Server Status

It’s highly recommended to cross-check the Nintendo server status here to ensure if there is an issue with online services or not. Servers may get non-operational or down during the maintenance process or even in the surge. Once you check the server status, you’ll be able to find out whether you need additional troubleshooting or not. If there is a server issue then make sure to wait for a couple of hours before playing the Splatoon 3 game again.

You can also follow the official Splatoon North America Twitter handle to get all real-time updates, info, and more regarding the Splatoon 3 game. Whereas if you don’t see any outage or maintenance with the Nintendo server then you can follow the next method.

2. Ensure Your Internet Connection is Working

Make sure to check your internet connection properly by playing other online games or streaming content. If there is an issue with the internet network then try using a wired ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection. You should also perform the power cycle method on your Wi-Fi router to cross-check the issue. Just power off the router and unplug the power adapter from the power source. Wait for around a minute and reconnect the cable then turn it on.

3. Update Splatoon 3

An outdated game version will always trigger multiple issues whatsoever on any device. It’s better to check for the available game update and install the latest version on the Nintendo Switch console. To do so:

  • Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.
  • Go to the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu > Select the Splatoon 3 game that you want to update.
  • Now, press the (+) button on your controller > Select the ‘Software Update’ option.
  • Browse and select Software Update > Press the A button.
  • Choose the ‘Over the Internet’ option > Wait for the system to check for game updates.
  • Next, the game update will start downloading (if available).
  • Have some patience until the game update is completed.

Note: You can also select the Splatoon 3 game from the interface to see its download status.

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4. Reinstall Splatoon 3

As a final resort, you can try uninstalling the Splatoon 3 game and reinstalling it on your Nintendo Switch console by following the steps below. Sometimes deleting the installed game application can fix some invisible corrupted or problematic game files as well as conflicts in the system. Though you’ll lose the saved game data for the specific game, it’ll be better for you to perform this method so that you can at least play the game properly.

  • Go to the Home screen of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Go to the Splatoon 3 game > Press the (+) button on the right Joy-Con to open the Options menu. [You can also press the (-) button on the left Joy-Con]
  • Now, select Manage Software from the left pane > Select Delete Software.
  • Select Delete whenever the system will ask you to confirm it.
  • Wait for a while until the game is uninstalled completely and the game icon will also get removed from the Home screen.

Note: It’ll not delete the saved game data so that you can get back your game progress once you reinstall the game. But we’ll recommend you follow the steps below to remove the saved game data for the clean uninstallation.

Remove Game Save Data on Nintendo Switch

  • Select Settings from the Nintendo Switch Home screen.
  • Choose Data Management from the left pane > Select Delete Save Data.
  • Select the Splatoon 3 game > Choose the Profile that you’re using. [You can also select Delete All Save Data for this Software]
  • Now, select Delete Save Data when prompted by the system to confirm it.
  • Once done, make sure to reboot the Nintendo Switch console to refresh its system.

Re-download Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch

  • Select the Nintendo eShop from the Nintendo Switch Home screen.
  • Choose the Profile that you’ve used to originally purchased the Splatoon 3 game.
  • Now, select your Profile in the top right corner of the eShop screen.
  • Select Redownload from the left pane > Choose the Download cloud icon for the game.
  • Wait for the re-downloading process to get completed.
  • Once done, the game will appear on your Home screen again.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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