How to Fix Steam Library Black Screen Issue

With Steam, online PC gaming has become easier as it enables easy chatting between friends and groups. So, you can take the conversation to the next level with videos, tweets, gifs, and more with the Steam app. Therefore, you will always know who is playing, so you will not miss any opportunities. However, in a recent update, users get Steam’s new library.

Moreover, exploring, sorting, hiding, and featuring games are quick and easy. So, now organize your library on the fly by dragging and dropping games into collections. But the new update also comes with a few glitches. That’s right! Steam users have reported receiving a black screen whenever they try to access the Steam Library.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue since the developer said they are working on it, and a patch update will soon be released. Is there anything you can do until then? You need to follow the fixes below to fix the Steam Library black screen issue.

How to Fix Steam Library Black Screen Issue

How to Fix Steam Library Black Screen Issue

We have already stated that developers have already started working on this error; therefore, there is nothing to worry about now. But still, you can follow these methods to resolve the issue temporarily:

Fix 1: Reboot Your Device

A restart may resolve background processes slowing down your computer, shut down browsers that are taking up too much memory, and reconnect your device to Wi-Fi networks that are being distorted. In addition, restarting your computer if you have been experiencing performance issues to keep it running efficiently is often helpful.

Keeping your PC running at maximum capacity means clearing up temporary files and processes, flushing the RAM, and flushing the disk. Therefore, if you are experiencing the black screen of Death error in Steam Library, your device may need rebooted to resolve the problem. If this works, let us know.

Fix 2: Run The Steam As Administrator

When apps are run as administrators in Windows, they have additional privileges. Therefore, by granting your Steam access to the registry, they can modify system files and access other usually restricted folders. 

However, occasionally, certain programs require you to run them in administrator mode each time you run them. So, these steps can be used from the desktop to start an application with elevated privileges:

  1. You can right-click your Steam icon on your desktop to open the context menu when you’ve found the file.
  2. Then, click on Properties and select Compatibility
  3. Make sure that the Run this program as an administrator option is selected.
  4. Once you have clicked, Apply and OK buttons, you can apply this setting to your device.Run The Steam As Administrator

Fix 3: Disable The Antivirus

You’re right; it will. While you run a full scan, it is possible that it will slow the computer down quite a bit. The scan will slow each file’s access by a small amount if it’s just on-access. However, most of the time, it won’t matter. 

But, the problem might be discernible on a slower computer or at a time when a program needs to access a lot of small files very quickly. So, if you have enabled real-time protection, then make sure to disable it. Otherwise, it runs in the background and scans every file that you try to access. 

  1. The first step is to type in “Windows Security” in the Start menu to find this app.
  2. When the search results appear, select Windows Security
  3. Navigate to the Virus & Threat Protection tab.
  4. Next, click Manage settings under Virus & Threat Protection.
  5. Make sure Real-time protection is turned off.disable antivirus

Fix 4: Check If Steam Has Any Pending Updates

Bug fixes are the main reason why Steam needs to be updated so frequently. Despite the frustration of waiting for the games and website to update, it will be well worth it in the end to have a working system. 

When you launch Steam, you actually launch the Updating Steam window, which can check for and install updates, verify Steam’s installation, and then launch the game. But, in case you want to make sure that your Steam is running on the latest version, make sure to follow these steps: 

  1. Initially, open the Steam client and hover to the File option.
  2. Then, hit the Check For Steam Client Update. This will help you to check if you have the most recent Steam build. 

Fix 5: Delete The Steam Files

If you are still getting the same error with your Steam Library, then try clearing the cache file of your Steam client app, as this has the potential to resolve this kind of issue. Meanwhile, in case you don’t know how to do it, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Start Steam.
  2. Now, select “Settings” under the “Steam” menu.
  3. Then, click “Downloads” in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Clear your download cache by clicking the “Clear Download Cache” button. Delete The Steam Files

You’re done. Steam will log you out during this process, so you’ll have to log in again if you wish to play games. There is no guarantee that clearing the download cache will fix every problem, but it is usually a good place to start.

Fix 6: Update Your OS

Having an updated OS allows your machine to run the most modern and innovative applications. We do not mean to imply that you should adopt the new operating system before anybody else does, but keeping your OS up-to-date will also ensure that you can open files that other people send you. So, it is better to regularly check for system OS updates by using these steps: 

  1. Initially, select Settings by right-clicking on the Start button.
  2. Check the left-hand list in the Settings menu.
  3. The last option would be Windows Update. Click that.
  4. That’s it. Now, simply hit the Check for updates on the right pane to manually run Windows updates.Make Sure Your PC is Updated

Fix 7: Check The Servers

Chances are there that your Steam servers may not be working or is under maintenance, due to which you are receiving a black screen issue whenever you try to access the Steam Library.

Therefore, we suggest you to hover to the DownDetector and check if there are other peoples who have reported the same issue or you are the only one. Also, make sure to follow the Steam officials on Twitter as they keep their users updated about the ongoing issues, events, etc., using their official Twitter handle.

Fix 8: Close The Background Processes

In fact, some applications just run in the background and consume much of the PC’s power and resources. This can be convenient because it can help you quickly access these apps, but it can also bring down the system’s performance. It will also affect your system performance, preventing the main application from functioning correctly. So, it would be best if you closed the background processes on your Windows PC using these steps: 

  • Initially, right-click the Taskbar and click on Task Manager.
  • Then, hover over to the Processes tab.
  • After that, select the programs you think might be why you are getting this error. 
  • Then, hit the End Task button. 

Fix 9: Update GPU Driver

For the same reasons that you update your windows, you should also update your graphics card drivers. It is always advisable to update GPU drivers if you wish to get the best performance out of these applications when it comes to PC games. It is not insignificant that these optimizations can sometimes provide double-digit percentage improvements. Also, an older GPU driver may be the reason why you are getting the Steam Library black screen issue. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep your GPU driver updated using these steps: 

  1. By pressing the Win+R keyboard shortcut, you will open the Run box. 
  2. Type in “devmgmt” and search for it.
  3. You can view your graphics card’s properties by right-clicking it under “Display adapters.” Then, hit the “Update Driver.”
  4. Finally, follow the on-instructions on the screen to install the latest GPU driver.update gpu drivers to fix black screen issue

Fix 10: Reinstall The Steam

If nothing helps you fix the Steam Library black screen issue, then chances are there that your Steam installation files may be corrupted, due to which you are getting this issue. Therefore, it is better to reinstall the Steam client on your Windows PC using these steps: 

  1. Visit the Steam website.
  2. Download Steam for Windows 11/10.
  3. After that, run the installer file by double-clicking on it.
  4. A wizard will help you install the Steam Client on your computer. Then, follow the instructions to install Steam on your computer.

Fix 11: Contact To Steam Officials

Unfortunately, if none of the above-mentioned methods has helped you, then contacting the official support team will be the right option. However, to do so, you can simply write up an email and send it to

We’ve covered everything you need to know about resolving the Steam Library black screen issue on Windows PC. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you need more help regarding this topic, comment below and let us know. 

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