Fix: Super People Audio Not Working | Sound Out of Sync

It seems that you’re one of the hardcore players of Super People that has been released recently on Steam for the Microsoft Windows platform. However, some of the players are getting affected by the in-game audio issues which are unexpected and frustrating at the same time. Now, if you’re also one of the victims then make sure to go through this article to know more about it and try fixing the Super People Audio Not Working or Sound Out of Sync issue.

It’s needless to say that the Super People game is in the close beta testing program (CBT) that somehow triggered some of the bugs or errors whatsoever. Meanwhile, the audio-related issues are one of the major flaws in this game that eventually ruin the gameplay experience. Though developers haven’t mentioned anything specific yet, we can expect that they’ll come up with a fix soon. We’ll have to wait further and nothing else.

Fix: Super People Audio Not Working | Sound Out of Sync

Fix: Super People Audio Not Working | Sound Out of Sync

If you’re unable to play the Super People game on your Windows computer due to sound-related issues or the mismatched sound delivery then you’re not alone here. Plenty of unfortunate Super People players are also encountering the same kind of issue recently. As the game is in the closed beta testing (CBT) program, it’s quite expected to have multiple bugs or errors until developers release a full official public version.

Obviously, the full official release of the Super People game may take some time because developers will have to fix a bunch of bugs and errors. However, it looks like players are quite happy with this title and the bug improvements will definitely boost the game’s popularity. As the title is a battle royale game and requires server connectivity, it seems that due to the increased number of active players at the same time, audio optimization is lacking behind.

The main problem is that although players are able to hear the in-game sound, it’s not on the same pitch whatever the visuals are showing on the screen. It can be considered as one of the glitches in the game. However, not everyone is encountering the same issue that means the issue isn’t widespread as of now. There is nothing to do except for waiting. Keep an eye on this article to get the latest updates or solutions on the same issue whenever available.

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