How to fix This Telegram Channel Cannot be Displayed Error?

Telegram is an amazing chat platform that is surpassing the popularity of Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram combined. The reason why Telegram is so popular is due to its compatibility with cross-device platforms and the availability of channels and groups. You can create groups for any topic, whether it is for work, for having casual talks with your friends, or create your own channel for sharing multimedia content. Having these channels helps you to reach a wide variety of audiences. But if you post some copyright content in these Telegram channels, then others will not be able to find your groups and will be given This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error on their screen.

Telegram allows all kinds of content and also doesn’t have any upper cap limit on the file size. Due to this, there are many channels made to share movies and explicit content. Whenever the Telegram team finds such challenges, they limit their searchability access and show This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error on the screen. However, there is still a way to fix this in case you wish to join such channels.

How to Fix Telegram This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error

Why Do You Get “This Channel cannot be displayed” Error on Telegram

Telegram values its user’s privacy and makes sure they keep everything safe for all the users on their platform. This is why they have to put many restrictions when it comes to channels and public groups. Due to such rules, the Telegram team deletes thousands of channels every day, which doesn’t match with their terms and conditions. Here are a couple of reasons why the channel you are searching for is not available.

Channels sharing pirated content

Although Telegram is very open in favor of sharing large media files, but they do not encourage pirated content. So whenever the Telegram team finds such channels, they limit their access and searchability for the general public.

Channels sharing Pornographic content

Telegram is very strict about pornographic and sexually explicit content. According to a report, over 30% of Telegram channels are pornographic channels. And Telegram blocks such channels on a regular basis.


Channels sharing promote hatred & violence content

Telegram is against hate speech channels, so if they find any particular group or channel is sharing violent content and community hatred, they remove such channels on an immediate basis. In some cases, they only hide the channels instead of banning them completely.

Channels deleted by the creator

In some cases, the channel which you are trying to search has been deleted by the creator itself. When the creator of the channel deletes a channel, all the users get removed automatically.

How to Fix Telegram This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error

If the telegram channels exist and you’re not able to search them, then it might be possible that the channel is hidden behind sensitive content filtering. Here are some methods to fix this problem.

Method 1: Use Nicegram Bot

Open the Telegram app on your smartphone and search for Nicegram Bot.

Now type the “/start” command and click ok.

Tap on “I’m 18+ years old” and “Show sensitive content” options.

Now you will be able to search for the channels which were not available before.


This method has a low success rate, and sometimes it doesn’t work as intended. So you might the to wait 4-5 minutes for the effect to take place. Also once the command is complete, restart the Telegram and see if you can search for channels.

Method 2: Disable filtering on Telegram Web

If method 1 doesn’t work for you, then you can try this method instead. But you need to log in to a computer for this method to work properly.

Download and set up the Telegram app on your desktop.

Open the Telegram app menu and go to settings.

Click on the “Privacy and Security” option.

How to Fix Telegram This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error

Under the privacy and security option, enable the “Disable filtering” option.

How to Fix Telegram This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error

Now restart your telegram app on your smartphone and see if you can search for channels.

If you are not able to search for the channels even after following both the methods above. That means either the channels if you’re looking for is either banned completely, or the creator has deleted the channel.


So this is how you can join a channel when Telegram shows This Channel Cannot be Displayed Error on the screen. Before joining such channels, makes sure you are not joining any illegal or explicit content channels. As most of these channels contain pirated movies and TV shows. Some of them even contain pornographic content which might be banned based on your country or region.

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