Terraria 1.4: Duplicate Any Item Requiring Just One Chest with Dupe Glitch

Terraria’s version 1.4 update, named Journey’s End, was released on May 16 to mark the 9th anniversary of the game, and according to Re-Logic, it is the final major feature update to the game. The changelog is pretty long and detailed here, but the summary is that this update brings about the addition of new items, mechanics and features to the game, one of which is Journey Mode.

Journey Mode is a new addition to the options that a player can select during the creation of a new world or character. It starts the player with extra equipment (fledgling wings, magic mirror), and more importantly, gives the player access to the Power menu. In short, Journey Mode gives players a lot of new powers and settings which can be enjoyed only when it is selected. One of these powers is the ability of players to duplicate items. In this guide, we’ll see how to duplicate items in Terraria 1.4, but not only that; I’ll also show you how to duplicate any item that requires just one chest using a glitch introduced in this new update!

Terraria 1.4: Duplicate Any Item Requiring Just One Chest with Dupe Glitch

How to Duplicate Items in Terraria 1.4

For you to be able to duplicate items, you have to first research them. The process of research and duplication is quite straightforward. You start by gathering the required quantity of the item to be duplicated; each item requires a different number to be researched. To know the required quantity of any item, simply check the text in red at the end of the description of the object indicating it.

When you have the required quantity of the item, then follow these steps:

  • Click on the Power menu on the Inventory Screen.
  • Click on Research under the Power Menu.
  • Then, proceed to research the item.
  • After research, click on Duplication under the Power Menu to duplicate the item.

Once the item has been duplicated, you will receive a full stack of the items which you can then move to your inventory space. Note that when you research, you lose the stack you submit for research, so I recommend that you have a  full stack (the required quantity) before you submit for research.

Duplicate Items Requiring Just One Chest

This glitch allows you to duplicate items that require just one chest without going through the research process described earlier. This allows you to save time, especially if you’re just starting a new server or Master mode.

Here are the steps:

  • Start the game in a multiplayer world.
  • Put all the items you want to duplicate in your inventory.
    Add items you want to duplicate to inventory
  • Then move the items from the inventory to the chest.
    Add items from inventory to chest
  • Press Esc and then Alt + F4 at the same time on your keyboard. The chest will start to close and the game will close while that is happening.
  • Reopen Terraria and start the game in a multiplayer world.
  • Reopen the chest and you’ll find all the items you placed there previously, both in the chest and the inventory. There go your dupes!
    Get your duplicatd items!

Terraria is known for its numerous glitches, especially dupe glitches, and the company tends to patch glitches up in subsequent updates, especially those that gain widespread attention like this new dupe glitch in Terraria 1.4. Hence, make the best use of it now using the guide above, while it lasts!

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