Terraria 1.4: How To Access Journey Mode Powers?

Recently, Re-Logic released the 1.4 updates for Terraria, which adds a number of exciting new features, including new game mechanics and items. Notably, there is also an all-new game type known as the “Journey mode.” This feature bestows a whole variety of new powers on the player. You can now control time, alter the weather patterns, create clones of items, and even officially use the God mode in Journey mode! Re-Logic’s dynamic action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria has been blessed with overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2011, it has sold over 30 million copies by the previous month.

There has been much praise for its emphasis on powerful combat and tactical mechanics while staying true to the sandbox genre. Thanks to the efforts of the developers and the love of the gaming community, the game went on to win the 2011 Indie of the Year Player Choice award on IndieDB. We’re sure that you are one of those users who is interested in finding out more about the Journey mode and how to use it. Given below is our guide to access the Journey mode in Terraria, and details about the aforementioned powers you can use in it.

Terraria 1.4: How To Access Journey Mode Powers?

How To Access Journey Mode Powers?

You will be able to use all of the aforementioned powers in Terraria by accessing the Power Menu. Simply punch the Esc key, and there will appear a new icon on the left side of the screen, below the inventory and over the crafting menu. Click it, and the Power Menu will unfold before you. Here, you will see the following options available:

  • Duplication Menu
  • Research Menu
  • Time Menu
  • Weather
  • Personal Power Menu (God mode, Increased Placement Range, Enemy Spawn Rate)
  • Infection Spread
  • Enemy Difficulty

Let’s take a closer look at all of these powers and how you can use them effectively.


You can use this power in the Power menu. This will create a full stack of items that you have researched thoroughly upon. Although it is possible to duplicate items in the Journey mode, you will have to gather a good number of items you wish to duplicate first. You will see tabs for several separate categories of items like materials, armor, weapons, and blocks. You will be able to search through them at your convenience.

Research Menu

You have the option of using certain resources to unlock the same item for unlimited spawning in the Duplication Menu. This process will ultimately help you create new items instead of simply collecting the ones you need. Depending on what you have to sacrifice, it can be a single weapon, fifty acorns, three bags of treasure, or one-hundred wood.

Time Menu

You can access this by clicking the clock icon. You will notice six options present here. Four of them allowing you to switch to specific times of the day – Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Midnight. It is possible to freeze and unfreeze the time of the day using the top option. This will stop time as soon as you activate it. Also, you can combine this with the specific time of the day option to keep daytime or night time in the game according to your convenience.

You’ll see a third option known as the Time Speed Slider, which will enable you to control the rate of time advancement in the game. You can take the slider from the average speed right at the bottom to a whopping 24 times the average speed at the top!


This useful option will enable you to control the weather in Terraria. The new update includes a windy day weather feature. You can gain access to it via the menu, which has four options with wind control options on the top and rain at the bottom. The first option is the wind control slider. This will enable you to control the direction of the wind and its strength as well. It has West on the top, East on the bottom, and no wind in the middle. This will help you to use items like kites to their maximum possible advantage. The other option will toggle whether or not the wind can change.

You’ll notice that the rain options are almost identical to the wind options, with a toggle button and a slider. The slider can go from clear sky at the bottom, to a slight drizzle in the middle, to a full monsoon right at the top. After making your desired adjustment, you can click on the Rain Change button. This will toggle if the weather will change over time or not.

Personal Powers

These are the most powerful options available in the Journey mode. Go to the Personal Powers menu, and you’ll get access to the three options, which are listed below.

  • God mode

Choosing this option will make you invulnerable to attacks from enemies. You can use it to cross any frustratingly hard scenarios or easily defeat particularly formidable opponents.

  • Increased Placement Range 

By selecting this option, you will be able to place objects like torches up to 17 blocks away. It can come in handy for building and exploring purposes when you are reluctant to move too far, or the items you wish to use, such as furniture or torches, are out of reach.

  • Enemy Spawn Rate 

This will change the frequency of enemies spawning in your vicinity. If you choose the lowest possible setting, no enemies will turn up near you at all. And if you drag the slider all the way to the highest point, they will spawn at about ten times the normal rate. This can be helpful when you are seeking to farm particular objects in the game.

Infection Spread

This is a useful option that allows you to enable or disable the spread of evil biomes (like Corruption and Crimson) or The Hallow in your game. It can come in handy, particularly when Crimson is engulfing areas you favor, and you want to put a stop to it.

Enemy Difficulty

The title says it all for this option. You can use the slider to adjust the difficulty level of enemies you will encounter in the game. You can choose the weakest possible option – Journey – at the bottom. This is followed by Classic, Expert, and finally, the Master option right at the top. This can be useful to new players who are familiarizing themselves with the game. Upon moving the slider to the Master option, an additional row of accessory slots will become available at your inventory menu.

It’s notable that all of these aforementioned powers can be toggled on or off at your will during gameplay. This will give you total control over your gaming experience.

This guide was to help the players of Terraria who were confused about accessing the Journey Mode Powers menu in the game. After following our guide, they will be able to do that easily. We hope our guide comes in handy to help you access and use these fun powers in Terraria. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in the $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Happy Gaming!

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