Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC, How to Fix?

Car racing games are one of the best games in the market which come with an abundance of adrenalin rush and amazing gameplay. However, you cannot enjoy the maximum fun of racing fun without using a steering controller such as Thrustmaster TX. Thrustmaster TX is an amazing controller which mimics your car steering handle well, and gives you a real-time simulation of the racing game. Although the controller is compatible with most of the games, what you will do if Thrustmaster TX Not Working on a PC.

Unfortunately, many racing games are affected by several internal glitches and because of them, you won’t be able to use the controller. But if the controller is not getting detected or not working on your PC overall, then the problem can be solved via this troubleshooting guide.

Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC, How to Fix

Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC, How to Fix?

In most cases, Thrustmaster TX acts as a plug and play device. This means you don’t need over complicated configurations or drivers set up to use the controller with your favourite game. However, with the new Windows 11 operating system, things are a little different. As many players have reported that the Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC. If you are facing the same, then you can follow along with the below troubleshooting guide.

Re-connect Controller

Try to disconnect the controller from the PC, and then connect it again. You can do it by removing the connected cables from the CPU port, and plugging them back in. Sometimes the PC port USB port gets corroded and blocks signals. So switching ports can help with the situation.

Check Cables & Hardware

When any device is not working on your PC, the first thing you should do is to check for any hardware damage. Many times the issue is not of the PC itself, but either of faulty connecting cables or damaged hardware. Please check for any wear and tear with the cables, sometimes any crack on the controller wheel will also signify some sort of hardware damage.

If you notice any hardware damage, connect with customer care immediately and get it sorted out if your device is still in the warranty period.

Use a different port

As we emphasised before, switching USB ports to connect with the controller might help. Please note that Thrustmaster TX is a high DPI controller which needs to transfer fast signals to your PC and game. So a slow or corroded port will hamper the flow and as a result, the controller will not work.

So, find the USB 3.0 port on your PC, and then connect your Thrustmaster TX controller there. If your PC does not have a USB 3.0 connection, then you should be connecting the controller to the back of the CPU motherboard for faster speed.

Update Thrustmaster Driver

It’s very important to update your Thrustmaster Driver as it will be better connected with games and give you an immersive racing gaming experience. Every time a new game title launches, the Thrustmaster team releases a new driver to make sure most of the games are supported by the controller. You can update the controller in the following steps:

First, download the drivers from the official site.

Now launch the setup, and follow onscreen instructions to install the drivers.

Make sure to update your Thrustmaster wheel driver to the latest version. As soon as a new game is out, Thrustmaster releases a new driver version adding useful improvements and fixing various wheel-related issues.

Turn off Steam Input

Steam Input is a special service that is designed to detect or recognise advanced gaming controllers. But sometimes this service malfunctions and interferes with Windows internal USB device detection modules. So turning off this feature will solve the issue of Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC.

Open Steam Settings and navigate to the Properties option.

Here select your Thrustmaster controller and turn off the steam input feature. Shortly you will see controller will be detected by your PC.

Enable Windows Gaming Mode

Millions of games all around the globe love gaming on windows as it provides you a plethora of options to make your gaming experience better. One such option is Windows Gaming Mode, which immensely helps if you want to enjoy real-time calibration of advanced controllers like Thrustmaster TX. You can enable the Windows gaming mode in the following way.

Open windows settings and navigate to Gaming settings.

Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC, How to Fix?

Here go to Gaming mode.

Make sure the gaming mode is turned on.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Thrustmaster TX Not Working on PC. Please note that if your PC and controller graphics are updated, then you shall not face any other issues. And once you connect the controller, you should take some time to calibrate it with your game so you can win those racing game events.

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