How to Guide: Uninstall Magisk and Unroot your phone

Rooting your Android device means gaining the root access to all your system files. By gaining the root access, a user can modify, replace or change the behavior of the system by modding the system files. This can be harmful or fruitful depending on what you’re doing. We have made several posts oh how to root your device with different superuser applications. However, in today’s blog post, we are discussing how to uninstall Magisk and completely unroot your phone.

How to Guide: Uninstall Magisk and Unroot your phone

Magisk is a systemless root manager tweak which allows you to gain systems less root access. There are many inbuilt functionalities which people like about Magist. Some of them are the ability to hide root status, easy installation of Magisk addons. There are many add-ons available which you can use to alter your device system files. However, after some extent, you will get bored with Magisk and may want to delete it. If so, then don’t worry because this article will guide you on how to completely remove Magisk from your smartphone and unroot it properly.

What is Magisk?

If you are an Android user, you must have heard about the term Magisk. It is actually a tool used for customizing Android devices. Magisk was developed back in 2016, by XDA developer topjohnwu. It essentially modifies your system without actually modifying it. Before rolling any deeper you must know some of the key features about this new tool Magisk.

Basically, Magisk is a “systemless” root method. It helps to modify your Android system in an essential way. All these modifications are stored in the boot partition rather than modifying the real system files. Since the original files remain untouched, the modifications cannot be detected by Google SafetyNet. Moreover, this tool introduces your device to the world of modifications. Along with Root, Magisk brings several other modules using which you can extend the performance and functionality of your device.

Why do we need to uninstall Magisk?

Magisk sure is a great Super User manager. However, there are situations when you might wanna remove it completely from your device. You must uninstall Magisk in case you want to sell your device. You should not give a rooted smartphone to normal users as they might do something harmful. Also in case, you want to claim your device warranty, then you must remove Magisk completely. Or maybe you dont want to use Root services on your device anymore. Maybe you just want to use your device normally, in ht case you have to complete un-install Magisk on your android smartphone.

Nevertheless to say, uninstall Magisk will result in your device going in no-root stage. This means you won’t be able to use any root related applications. This means you can use a root manager, Xposed installer or other rootkit apps. Uninstalling Magisk also have some advantages as without root you will be able to use your device normally. Also, some apps such as UPI payment apps or Snapchat doesn’t support rooted devices, so they will work fine if you un-install Magisk from your rooted smartphone

How to Completely Uninstall Magisk from Your Phone

There are several methods of completely uninstalling Magisk from your phone. However today we will discuss only two methods which are the most successful methods when it comes to Magisk uninstallation. Before you proceed further, take a look at the requirements.


  • An Android phone with Magisk installed.
  • 5 minutes of your spare time.

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Method 1: Using the Inbuilt Uninstall Function

1. Open the Magisk app by tapping on its icon. Then scroll down until you see the uninstall option.

How to Guide: Uninstall Magisk and Unroot your phone

2. Click on the uninstall button.

3. A popup dialogue box will appear with the following text:

All modules will be disabled/removed. Root will be removed, and potentially encrypt your data if your data is not currently encrypted.

4. Kindly click on the Complete Uninstall button and wait for few minutes


5. Install a root check app from play store and check for current root status. If Magisk has been successfully uninstalled then it will show no root access. If you’re not seeing such message then proceed to method 2 in which we will use Magisk uninstaller script.

Method 2: Using Magisk Uninstaller Script

Note: Please make a backup of your device via the custom recovery beforehand. Just in case if something goes wrong, then you can always bounce back to the previous version. If you don’t have a custom recovery then consider installing one. We recommend TWRP recovery, you can check about TWRP recovery from the links down below.

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1. Download Magisk Uninstaller Script and save it in the root of your storage.

2. Boot into recovery mode and flash the zip file.

3. Turn on the device and check for root status, it will be removed.

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